Which Catechism?

(Simone) #1

I didn’t grow up in a denomination that used Catechism in teaching children. I have read about it being a good way to teach kids basic doctrine, but I’m not familiar with the various ones out there and which are good to use. I know some may be incompatible with EC (ie. take Adam as a literal person). Any suggestions on whether there is one (or some kind of alternative) I can use? I would like to add something like this to their memory work.

Doctrine wise I’m not sure where I’m at yet, but I find myself agreeing with NT Wright and Alister McGrath a lot.

(Christy Hemphill) #2

Here’s the Anglican one: http://anglicansonline.org/basics/catechism.html

We tried to just read through the one from Tim Keller’s church, a question a day: http://newcitycatechism.com/
But I think we quit after the first third. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t our thing.

(Simone) #3

I just did a google search and see that there is an actual curriculum for kids ages 8-11 based on the New City Catechism, any experience with that?

(Christy Hemphill) #4

We just used the app. I have heard people talk about that curriculum on a homeschooling forum very positively though. If you are Reformed-leaning, you might like it.