Which Catechism?

I didn’t grow up in a denomination that used Catechism in teaching children. I have read about it being a good way to teach kids basic doctrine, but I’m not familiar with the various ones out there and which are good to use. I know some may be incompatible with EC (ie. take Adam as a literal person). Any suggestions on whether there is one (or some kind of alternative) I can use? I would like to add something like this to their memory work.

Doctrine wise I’m not sure where I’m at yet, but I find myself agreeing with NT Wright and Alister McGrath a lot.


Here’s the Anglican one: Anglicans Online | The Catechism or an Outline of the Faith

We tried to just read through the one from Tim Keller’s church, a question a day: http://newcitycatechism.com/
But I think we quit after the first third. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t our thing.

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I just did a google search and see that there is an actual curriculum for kids ages 8-11 based on the New City Catechism, any experience with that?

We just used the app. I have heard people talk about that curriculum on a homeschooling forum very positively though. If you are Reformed-leaning, you might like it.

Christy, did you try the Anglican one? If so, what did you think? We are using one currently, but I’m finding certain beliefs I don’t agree with.

As a Lutheran I can’t recommend highly enough Luther’s Small Catechism. :slight_smile:

For 500 years it’s stood the test of time.


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I just made up my own questions and answers about the basic Christian beliefs I wanted them to be able to articulate, and we used those for a year, along with memory verses about Christian behavior. So Protestant of me. If you are at all interested, I could PM them to you. They were highly influenced by Scot McKnight’s King Jesus Gospel and Blue Parakeet.

I posted the verses somewhere here. How much do you emphasize Scripture memorization? - #7 by Christy

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I’m going to agree with @mlkluther about Luther’s Small Catechism (surprise!).
It’s very straightforward, easy to understand and teach, and really very scripturally sound.

If you get just the Small Catechism itself you won’t have an issue with anything. If you find one with the Explanation which goes more in depth at the end of Luther’s text, you will see a couple of sections on the Creed dealing with Creation. The few lines do reflect a 6 day interpretation and a statement about evolution not being scientifically verifiable. But it’s only a sentence or two you can easily explain yourself or ignore.

But you can quite easily just find the text without the Explanation.
You can try here: The Small Catechism

All the best in your search.