Where Does the Earth's Tilt Come From?

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The statement is not true. The earth has been tilted at an angle of 23.4 degrees for billions of years. How did the earth get tilted? By being impacted by a large planetiod named Theia. And as an added bonus, the moon was created in orbit around the tilted Earth. Try redoing your analysis using modern scientific facts and see how it works for you.

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You are mistaken. It is not an over claim. In the last year, it has been proven that the earth’s tilt was caused by the impact that created the moon. It happened 100 to 200 million years after the earth’s formation 4.5 billion years. Look it up, read the technical papers. The proof came from new data in the Apollo 11 moon rocks. Moon rocks are a combination of Earth radioactive particles and Theia radioactive particles.

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Speaking of over-reaches, in your response to Eddie you even pull out the word “proof”, Patrick, reinforcing the very observation Eddie made. Evidence, yes – even overwhelmingly compelling evidence at times (though I doubt this particular example rises to even that category), but certainly not proof. It’s science; not math. Always remember that word “provisional”; you’ve used it elsewhere, don’t drop it now.

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Your are correct - all results are provisional and falsifiable. My main point to Eddie is that results are coming out more rapidly now. It is very hard to keep up. You can’t say most scientists don’t accept this on Monday because on Tuesday a new result appears. It is pointless to take about what Newton thought about gravity. It is irrelevant in a discussion of GR. Eddie was giving old information. It wasn’t current. We will all give him a chance to research the latest finding and reevaluate his claim of my overreach.


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2013 is old news. Take a look at this:


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Look at how this thread was started, “for 8000 years, the earths axis has been at a 5 deg tilt angle”

So come on, everything I have states is much more factual than this. Do you agree?

Sure the earth’s tilt / moon formation is at the cutting edge of research. Do we know for sure how it happened? Not 100% , we will never get to that certainty but we do know a lot more now than ever.

Sure everywhere I say proved should instead say highly likely or strongly suggests.

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Like it or not, hype is part of science. Science is big business. You write a paper that says “results suggest” and at the same time your organization hires a marketing guy to say “Our company scientists just proved this” I am guity of this. I admit it. Hype is part of science. no doubt about it.

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I have enjoyed this repartee between you two. It is important, even for someone like myself who has spent a lifetime in science, to remember the best way to phrase any discoveries we have made. But have we lost sight of the important question this topic poses? There is little doubt that the 23 degree tilt of earth, which gives us four seasons, is a main contributor to the marvelous variety of life that we observe. Is this a lucky accident of a blind fate that cares not a whit about variety, or is it part of God’s plan to produce the maximum variety possible so He can be ‘taken by surprise’–even if it is only one more species of beetle added to the millions evolution has already produced?
Al Leo

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You make a great point. It can be said that because of the tilt, we have seasons and because of the seasons we are here. So are we to be grateful that Theia hit at just the right angle to give us a 23.4 degree tilt and the moon which give us a more stable rotation. We should be glad Theia didn’t hit straight on as it could have blown earth to fragments - which would have aggregated into a new planet with a different history.


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