Where do you church?

Since we looking at services online, thought it might be interesting to see how others here worship. Our local services can be seen here: https://discoverfirst.com/

Share if you so desire.

I still meet up with a handful other people at a park and we sit six feet away and do Bible studies in small groups twice a week. I still have a handful of bible studies with nonbelievers who we are sharing the gospel with as well and that’s normally just in groups of 3-4.

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I’m too nervous to go to church, as of yet (I am a fairly new believer), there is an Anglican Church at my uni, which I may start to attend once this virus is over.

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We watched my brother-in-law preach today, on the other side of the country from us.

Enjoyed his sermon. As an introvert, not showing up is a real temptation for me. For the most part I am “happy as a clam” with social distancing, so needed his words.


Same here! I was homeschooled my whole childhood, so I like to say I’ve been training for this my whole life. :wink:
I appreciated the part about doubt, and how Jesus didn’t condemn Thomas for doubting.

Same here. Very rarely do I go out and hang out with anyone. It’s almost always when they want to tag along with whatever I am already doing but sometimes I hang out with others. The most I get out with is actually networking with clients, potential clients, and vendors. I’m only 31 but since 20 I’ve lived on my own and since 16 I was living on my own and had another person living with me until 20.

I almost never go to the movies or anything and wait until it shows up on Netflix and sometimes streaming it from Vudu. My days are basically work, come home and spend time working on restoring the creek on my property , working out, and hiking. I’m such a loner my living room is basically just got my cats and I leave the tv on to keep them entertained lol.

What’s going to be crazy for me is when I get married to my fiancée and she and her kid moves to America and with me. Then I’ll be forced into having to network with parents so that I can see what families the kid can be hanging out with and spend nights with.

By the way, the website I linked to our local church will probably take a day or two to edit the finished live broadcast and get it on the site, unless they actually pre-recorded it.

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