Where can i get some fellowship and help?

Hi everyone!
Its been a while since ive joined and ever since ive been looking for a good church. But it’s not really turning out well. Churches here in my expirience while looking, are alot more passive. And i have many questions as to how i can live my life in God’s will and how to be better at it. Or just some counselling.
Maybe i can look to you guys for this?


Don’t give up!

PM me where you live again and I will ask around with some people I know involved in student ministry in Europe and see if they can give me any leads that might help you get connected.

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What are you looking for in church? What problems do you find in churches around you? I’m more than happy to help you out, but I need a little more detail on your situation.

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Most of the churches i’ve gone to were not very active and don’t organise activities. Its just go in on sunday, listen to the sermon, sing, and go home. I’m looking for a more active church with some younger people and activities.
And where you can openly ask questions about how to live well for God. Sorry if thats not too detailed.

I’m not as familiar with the European context, but I’ve heard that active churches are harder to find there. Gospel Coalition has a church directory online: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/churches/. I don’t agree with all of their theology but I think that the churches on that list are more likely to have the resources you’re looking for.

I agree on the importance of finding a physical community that can help us grow in our faith. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble finding a place where this can happen.

Hi Totti,

I can sense how difficult this is for you, and I would love to do anything I can to help. I have thought about you and prayed for you from time to time since you first appeared on the forum. My offer from before still stands.

To give you one suggestion, here is a link to the website of a church I would be interested in being part of if I lived near Leuven: https://www.alivekerk.be. I don’t know if you have use of a car, but I found an estimate of about 30 minutes to drive and 55 minutes by public transport from Tielt-Winge. I know from speaking with a Dutch friend of mine that commuting like that for church is almost unheard of in Europe, but perhaps in your case it would be worthwhile.

Totti, I just moved today to the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main area. We literally landed at FRA this morning. My son is fourteen, and we are likely going to visit some Young Life events in the coming weeks. I will ask the staff if they have any leads on churches or other groups that could support you in your commitment to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Wow! I just did some more research, and it turns out that my old Young Life leader from the U.S. three decades ago (whom I haven’t been in touch with in over twenty years) is now the Regional Director for Young Life in Western Europe. Once I catch my breath from the exhaustion and exhilaration from this move, I will contact him and see if he can be of help.

May you experience God’s faithfulness as you continue to learn to trust and follow him.



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