When will Jesus Return?

Don’t quit your day job to be a comedian. :grin:

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I get that from Hebrews 12:2, and it’s fitting for the writer of Hebrews to put it that way.

That expression of Jesus’ loneliness on the cross, where man and God abandoned him, is one of the big reasons that I am still a Christian today. That he who knew no sin, became sin, so that in him we might be made right with God. Because he suffered to the uttermost, I should not have to.

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  • Obviously, you’re referring to the Red Letters, and you know what Dick says about the Red Letters?

I think some Christian’s take that metaphor too literally. Sin is an action or something you do like running. You cannot become “run” or take on “run” any more than you can “sin.” It’s using words incorrectly. Improper referents and relations.

That God who did not know what it was to be alone, became that in the person of Jesus

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Hold that thought – you can take it up with Paul later :grin: (it’s 2 Corinthians 5:21 if you care, but I’m guessing not ; - ).

I already said some Christians take the metaphor too literally. I have nothing to take up with Paul unless he was one of them.

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us…

Them was Paul’s words, improper as they must be, in your NSHO.

Check out how the NLT translates it

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Or how Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us

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They weren’t meant to. They were meant to show that His reigning doesn’t require a utopia on earth.

Pretty sure this has already been addressed in this thread. But even so, check out the NT passages which confirm this took place before AD 70…

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It can be demonstrated by probability theory that, given that He has not “returned” after nearly 2000 years, the chance that He will “return” any time soon is, to all intents and purposes, zero (though we should always be ready for it).
That leads me to the conclusion that His “return” does not mean a sudden reappearance as a 30-something man. It may mean our individually meeting Him after we die, or possibly when a “new heaven and a new earth” comes about as suggested in several Bible texts.

Try reading the footnote
21 Or be a sin offering

Everything depends on the translation and/or understanding.

Just as you fail to understand why you are being compared to a YEC.

You have a view of scripture.

and you have a way of quoting it that is not recommended.

But I would rather not go down that road for now.


A little off topic, but I do wonder how probability theory holds for the possibility that we are the first consciously determining life forms in the universe. Somebody had to be first, and I am pondering it a little more than normal give recent developments on K2-18b.

The thirty or so translations that are linked say it well. He became contemptible on our behalf. For there is no other hope I know than the blood of Jesus. Kim Hill sings that song like no one else I have heard.

I would not say zero, and I do not think that we can apply probability theory to this case - it will be a unique happening in the history - the second coming but the first and only one where he comes to take visibly the rule. I am waiting for the return of Jesus that may well happen within the next century. The visible (globally important) return may not happen during my short lifetime but for me personally, the end will come almost 100% certainly within a few decades. Maybe the teachings in churches should put more emphasis on our personal end than the reappearance of Jesus because being ready for the end of our current life keeps believers ready also for the (visible) return of Jesus.

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For me it’s a real coin toss whether we are looking at a revival or a return

  • What difference would it make?
  • What difference should it make?

I don’t even know where to begin… what do you think?

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