When Science and Faith Clash: My Story of Losing and Recovering Faith

“I loved learning about the natural world and was insanely curious—and the more I learned, the more an uneasiness grew inside of me.”
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“It is only as Christian leaders actively and openly embrace scientific knowledge as no less spiritual than liturgy or theology”,

I think that is a very true and important statement. If scientific knowledge is indeed spiritual, then there can be no conflict between science and faith. The problem, however, is that many scientists and all atheists will disagree with this idea. Thus the warfare model. So, the question then becomes how do we convince young people (and others) that it makes perfect sense to pursue science, and believe in God, follow Christ, and attest to the truth of the Gospels, when others are claiming that these beliefs are “unscientific”?

In order to do that, I believe, we must work very hard to find and demonstrate the reality that the truths of our faith, and the truths of science are not in conflict. To do that we must be willing to honestly confront the non truths that pass for science, and call them out as philosophical, untested, unproven assumptions made by people with an anti-theistic agenda. The same of course, also goes for our theology, which is far more commonly acknowledged here. Not an easy task, but necessary, in my view.

I can understand your feelings totally. At 74, I have been a Christian for just over fifty years; but about twenty years ago I was faced with the truth about myself; I am not an Evangelical and never would be; but I did not realise then just where that would lead.
I had to face the possibility that the Bible wasn’t true and have spent the last twenty years researching across the board: Science, technology, language, and challenges to Creation. The answer that I came up with was twofold and involved Confirmation Bias and Accommodation.
Confirmation Bias is a human problem, and Accommodation is God’s solution.
We all suffer from Confirmation Bias; it’s the reason for sites like AiG: to protect their own belief system. Accommodation is God allowing us to believe what we chose as long as we believe him.
I am a long way from AiG; but the faith is in God -whoever he is; by a strong belief in the Trinity and a knowledge of Pentecostal belief.
There are three aspects of God in the Bible whichever way that you look at it; but the point is not whether we are YEC or flat-earthers or whatever; it’s whether our names are written in the Lamb’s book of Life.
So it does not mean whether we believe in evolution, YEC or Scientific views.it means whether we believe in he Messiah and worship him, his father and the Holy Spirit.
The rest is about calling, training and personal interest; but according to my understanding now; we do not know what happens when we die; but we can be sure that it will not be affected by whatever doctrine we follow, because we don’t know which one is the right one.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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