When Humans Rode Dinosaurs: Flashback to YEC Days

Edit: the following is written as I would have spoken as a YEC. I would have found my current self a threat and danger to Christianity.

Most people don’t believe that humans rode (and some still do) dinosaurs. This post will not be about humans riding birds as birds are not dinosaurs so THIS doesn’t count:

They were separately created a day before dinosaurs. Despite many alleged transitional forms, we can easily account for things like feathered dinosaurs by doing statistical analysis and positing additional 'kinds.

By now, some of you might be wondering about radiometric dating and I assure you that it is deeply flawed. There was this one time where we used the potassium-argon method (that has a half life of 1.3 billion years) on Mount saint Helens Rock that was made just decades ago and it came out to be millions of years old. That single measurement clearly falsifies every radiometric date of anything ever. Now it is true that Pompeii was correctly dated using this method, but we only know that because there was a written record of the volcanic eruption almost 2,000 years ago. All that this really means is not that radiometric dating works, but we can only trust it when we have a written record of the past.

Now on to the evidence of humans and dinosaurs. The best evidence really comes from eyewitness accounts who made carvings of their interactions.

In case you don’t believe me, this authoritative article that integrates Biblical data can be seen here:

Some doubt this evidence, and others challenge it like @Joel_Duff in this blog post:
A Young-Earth Mystery: If Dinosaurs and Humans Lived Together Before the Flood, Where are the Fossils? – Naturalis Historia

Anyways just some food for thought in this new year. You probably never realized all this evidence that is being taught to thousands of young children every year and we are doing well as the body of Christ to train them up in the right way. This is especially important as even Christian University professors doubt the biblical and strong archaeological evidence and it is our job to help set them straight by teaching our youth the Truth-TM.


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Ah yes, this reminds me of my YEC conspiracy theory days in looking at YEC videos or articles on how dinosaurs still exist and the Illumanati and Jesuits where covering it all up along with the true age of the earth to deceive people into the New World Order religion. Funny how that I look back at those AiG and other sites and see how stupid it was.