When Children Wonder About Creation

Churches can help children return to their rightful place in the natural world, healing a growing rift.


She wrote a good article. I agree that more kids need to spend more time outside in nature. If the parents and grandparents spent more time outside and are still the main ones currently driving deforestation and urbanization than we can only imagine how potentially more so generations will that don’t experience nature. It’s to think that some dystopian stories of humans having to travel for days to get to a small park to see a tree could be reality.

Parents and qualified people should push schools to create gardens centered on wildlife where part of the years classroom takes place. Parents definitely need to take their kids camping and hiking.


I tend to feel like an alien when reading such articles that comment on “science vs. religion” – I just can’t get my head around that view of things. My freshman science professors in college were all Christians; one was an ordained Lutheran pastor/priest, and all had gone into science because of their faith.

It was the Lutheran who invoked Isaiah and slightly changed a word in a favorite verse, to read, “Seek the LORD where He may be found, call upon Him where He is near”, and jumped from there right into the natural world, noting that God didn’t make a building for Adam and Eve but a Garden.

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