What's on your Christmas list?

(Phil) #1

I was reading the latest post by the always thoughtful rjs, and noted several books that would be nice to see under the tree come Christmas morning. Anything you guys are looking at to suggest to avoid being stuck with another pair of gloves and a billfold? (I actually need a new billfold, so that is on my list this year.)

(Dennis Venema) #2

I just ordered the big ID/anti TE book. Does that count, or is that the EC equivalent of coal in my stocking? :slight_smile:

(Phil) #3

I noted a full page ad for it in the recent ASA newsletter I was thumbing through. Interesting ad placement.



(Andrew M. Wolfe) #5

My brother got in early on this Kickstarter and is planning on shipping it to me: Clades, the evolutionary card game!

(Of course, this game is by the makers of the great kids’ book Grandmother Fish, which @beaglelady posted about here many moons ago. I believe that was the very first post I commented on here on the Forum. Memories! :slight_smile: )

(Brad Kramer) #6

I’ve held that book in my hands. You’re gonna need a big stocking.

(Juan Romero) #7

Is it really worth one’s time and money?

(Brad Kramer) #8

Depends what you’re looking for. If you really, really want to know what conservative Evangelicals generally think about BioLogos, then I suppose this is a one-stop shop.

(Laura) #9

I look forward to reading the cliff notes version from those of you who take the time to read it. :smiley:

(Curtis Henderson) #10

Just for the record, I’m a conservative Evangelical and I think BioLogos is fantastic! :slight_smile:

(Dennis Venema) #11

Hmm. I could just read the emails I get instead. Oh well - too late. It’s already ordered.