What You Absolutely Need to Understand About Evolution (link to article)


By @StacyTrasancos, who I interviewed last year. FANTASTIC article.

Favorite part:

“Christians (some, not all) think that, in order to defend the existence of God, evolution and chemical abiogenesis must be proven untrue to prove the opposite, that God had an intervening hand in creation. The choice for a Christian, so it is purported, is either nature or creation. But it’s not like that, is it? Nature is creation. The Christian God is not some deity who was just minding his business one day, tripped over this mess we call nature, and decided to arrange things to his liking. Our God is not a gardener pruning his azaleas. No, He is God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, down to every last electron and quark, holding everything that exists in existence. He is existence itself. ”


That is a beautifully written article. It proceeds smoothly from everyday life to profound truth. I especially like:

The truth is that there is no absolute randomness or chance in a universe created and held in existence by God. And presto! The false dichotomy is gone. By focusing on disproving evolution, Christians stir up a crisis of their own making. We should be evangelizing through science, showing others how the ubiquitous order and beauty in creation enriches faith and points beyond the physical realm.


Yes, that is a great quote!

To readers:

I just know there are fledgling denominations out there … who could make a big mark on the Christian community … say like the Methodists of Old! … by preaching a rational God in a rational Universe … with the rationality of Evolution as part of his creation …

If we keep waiting for the Baptists to suddenly change the direction of their denominations … we are going to be waiting a very long time!

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