What should we do in an event of a postapocalyptic world? How should and could we then thrive?

Hi there. This is David, a new member in the BioLogos Community
I m a sociology student in the city of Salamanca (University of Salamanca),
and I want to deal with my faith issues here as well as you. Thank you for letting me in, and I hope I ll be useful for everyone s benefit.
That said, let s begin with my first contribution:
Today I found a new way of thinking: Reconstructivism
You only need trhree tools: Food, Fire and Knlowledge.
In a case of a devastation event, Oxford biologicist Lewis Dartnell tells you how to work things out again.
Hope you enjoy the video!
How to rebuild the world from scratch | Ted Talk, L. Dartnell

Survivalism? I think I’d rather put my energy into making it work pre-apocalypse. If we screw it up to the point where I need a bunker and weapons, I’d rather just see our species eliminated. Why take down all of creation just because the species with the most gifts used them to unravel the world?

Well I m in a Spanish Christian Ecology group Cuidado de la Creación - Movimiento de Lausana (España) wich thinks of developing the skills our heavenly Father has given us to make better this world, as the mandate of God in the first chapters of Genesis demands of us as human species. I m more of thinking that this Covid Pandemic will end the world as we know it, so much that it leads me to look about survivalism (and it s not a movement, it is just an attitude) as an interesting scientific way to gain hope and trust in Science. For it is this, Science, wich enables us to thrive through fatalities such as hunger, poverty and natural disasters (such as flues) and overcome total destruction of our present planet.
I also encourage you to keep praying.
Also, I d be naive if I supposed that you re in the necessity of this suggestion, but, I ll be dammned if I don t provide support on this idea: Keep reading the Bible, keep studying it.
Have a nice day

You are using a royal “we”. Humanity is made up of the humane and the inhumane. It is not the humane that are the problem.
You will find that it is not a bunker nor weapons that can help because the villains are hiding in plain sight and the means of doing harm involve underhanded foul game play.

In a post apocalyptic world I would focus on sneakily hiding my food in the form of native foraging with some cultivated varieties tucked away. That way, just like now, I will know when and where to look without all my work being overturned by a one time raid. While everyone else went to the houses I would find some caves in lower Appalachians. I guess I would start a book collection too. Xd.

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The key to surviving the apocalypse, apart from being over 5 and under 50 (they ALL die), is turning cannibal after the second week. And look after the women folk. Or you’ll die.

If the world ends, as Oscar Fingle O’Flahertie Wills Wilde said; not with a bang, but a whimper, the meat will be OK. Fresh. Well cooked.

Tastes just like pork.

I was only thinking today of the finest science fiction novel of all time, Walter M. Miller Jnr.'s 1959, A Canticle For Leibowitz.

Read it in the summer between middle and high school. Probably my first taste of sci fi. I liked it but I can’t remember one thing about it now. I think I’ll check it out of the library after I finish with A Prayer for Owen Meany and see if my taste has changed any in fifty odd years. The deed is done.

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