What is nothing?

I have had this question in my head for a while now and I can’t seem to shake it. I hear some people say when we die there will be nothing, but what is nothing, is it just absence of light or life itself? I have heard some describe it as going to sleep and seeing “nothing” (pitch black) but I don’t think that counts because you are technically dreaming even if you only see nothing, at the same time I feel one can only perceive nothing if one has a conscience so wouldn’t that mean the supposed “nothing” is actually something? I find it hard to picture true nothingness.

Now this is what I call fun…
Nothing is defined as the lack of anything corporeal or tangible. If the consequence of death is nothing then there is no sort of continuance of body, mind, or soul. That life would exist only in the memory of others.
It would be almost impossible for you to experience nothing(ness). Even in a darkened space with no objects you will still have the ground beneath you and air to breathe. Likewise, if your brain stopped all its functions you could no longer feel or experience it because the brain is the means of access.
The people who claim that there will be nothing after death, do not believe in any sort of continuance of life. Death becomes the final curtain and a cessation of everything. There is nothing to perceive and no capacity to perceive with. If that is the case then life on this earth has meaning only while we live it. We live on in the memories of others and cease to exist if our notoriety or fame diminishes to nothing. God is not part of this belief, in fact, He is the antipathy of it. Belief in God is also a belief that there is more to life than what we now see or perceive. Perhaps we will only ever be certain if and when we reach that point when either everything stops or we find a new form of existence and consciousness.

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Picture it or no, you do it, become it, every night. If there is no transcendence, one day that night is endless.

I agree … because even pitch black is a color of sorts - or at least our visual description of something we see.

Maybe a better description of true “nothingness” is what you remember experiencing and seeing before you were born. … that wouldn’t even be “black”. It would be … nothing in its truest sense.

And perhaps it’s worth pondering that we don’t even need to hearken back to a time of personal pre-existence for ourselves. I can also truly say that what I now recall of my experiences as a month-old infant is also nothing in every bit the same sense as what I remember of any time before I was born.

It’s ambiguous metaphorical language that means something different for whoever is using it. In general an atheistic use of nothing in the after life is that there is no after life. You’re the same as before you were conceived. Whatever it was like before you were conceived is how it will be. It’s also how those who believe in conditional immortality view the afterlife of the lost.

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  1. not anything; no single thing.
    having no prospect of progress; of no value.
    not at all.

A metaphorical figure that describes a state of an object or occurrence or event in a certain context with certain implied list of features.

What they mean is death is the end of you experiencing anything NOT that you will experience something called nothing.

More like when they knock you out for surgery. For most people there is no dreaming or any experience of anything. You simply wake up and find out that the surgery is all done. Only in the case of death according to them, its over – you never wake up.

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