What is a Good Catholic Science Curriculum?


Stacy A. Trasancos is a Roman Catholic, a mother of seven children, and a scientist. And she’s a homeschooler! You can read more about her here. She has rather impressive credentials!

In her article, What makes a Good Catholic Science Curriculum?, she makes recommendations that all Christian homeschoolers might find useful.

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She gives excellent curricular advice (in general … not just for homeschoolers but for any educators who have the luxury of explicitly, and positively attending to faith issues).

One point I stumbled at from her short article was this from Trasancos:

Separately, teach kids about our faith. Do not include theology or religion in the science class, just as you would not include algebra in grammar class. It confuses the basics. Kids need a firm and distinct grounding in both science and religion.

This is a clear departure from current Christian educational wisdom as promoted by the umbrella organization, ACSI, to avoid any counterproductive compartmentalization of spirituality. I.e. Bible grounding should be in evidence in every class, not just Bible classes, but even in math class! --which typically boggles most peoples’ minds, as they take pleasure in caricaturing what “Jesus math” must look like. There is some good and valid defense, though, for the concept of cross-curricular, integrated teaching, as well as for (what Trasancos recommends) undiluted exposure to the subject matter available. Indeed she addressed my initial concern in her very next paragraph:

Then, as they mature, teach kids how to sort through scientific conclusions (and everything else) “in the light of faith.” Doctrine is a guide, a light …” (CCC 89)