What Happens to Christian Theology if Evolution is True? BioLogos Basics Video #9

Perhaps the best way of exploring this question is keeping in mind that God is the author of both Scripture and the natural world, and so, ultimately, these can’t contradict each other.
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An extremely well-worded paragraph!

“These discoveries have caused Christians to rethink how they understand some theological doctrines. But it is important to remember that the core doctrines of our faith are not at stake here. But discoveries in genetics do show that today’s human beings, did not descend from a single original couple, but rather from a group of early humans. Adam and Eve could still be real historical people, perhaps a pair chosen by God who represented the whole group in a first act of disobedience. Or perhaps the Adam and Eve account tells the story of all of us falling into sin. Either way, we know that every human has rebelled against God and is in need of reconciliation with God.”

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Very nice video. But one tiny word in the very first sentence is not accurate. IF evolution is true? I think everyone at Biologos is about 100 years past the “if” statement. Perhaps “since” or “given” are more accurate than “if”. But other than that tiny “if” the video is very well done.

And Neanderthals were soulless non-humans?

Patrick… are you intentionally being obtuse? There is always a FIRST. If there is a God that wants a Moral Human … at some point in evolution, this FIRST moral human arrives.

We’ve talked about this before. Are Chimps soulless? I personally don’t think so; I think they have very similar moral equipment. But the average Evangelical doesn’t worry about such things.


Oh, if you think that all lifeforms have souls, then you are not disparaging Neanderthals at all. All of life was then created in the image of God. Thats puts all species of life on equal footing.

I didn’t extend any of my comments to ALL LIFEFORMS. I can’t even imagine what kind of “soul” an ant would have. I have no compelling reason to put all species on equal footing.

Are you just stirring here, Patrick? You keep forgetting that this is a Pro-Evolution board that is PRO-RELIGION as well.


This is a science board also. So your arguments must at least come close to the science. Let’s start over, you said A&E might be God selected humans. I said what about the Neanderthals? Your said they had souls also. I said great what about other organism? See, as soon as you make A&E special in any way you exclude other humans. Is that fair?

I think you are referencing a post of mine several days ago. After that, for the sake of discussion, I stated that I would change my position on Neanderthals… that IF “Adam & Eve” had any correlation to Earth’s history, they would represent Homo sapiens.

As to your question - - is that fair? Patrick, didn’t you JUST get through saying “arguments must at least come close to the science” ? ? ? I don’t believe evolutionary science takes a position on FAIRNESS. This argument is typically used by Atheists to emphasize how unfair this “so-called God” is acting. This rhetoric is used against Theists in general. And so I have to admire your chutzpah … coming onto BioLogos, dressed in a pro-Evolution garb, and attacking the very foundation of the BioLogos position - - namely, that we believe in Godly evolution.

Maybe you’d have more fun on an Atheist list?


No, on the atheist boards we are happy go lucky and no body get excited about such things. Life is too short to get hung up on such things.

I mention these thoughts out loud simply because it takes a very different mindset to respond to Atheist reposts … than to Young Earth Creationists…

At the risk of being totally irreverent … It’s like trying to convince your mistress to see a movie with you - - while your wife is having a cup of coffee in front of both of you.


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Evolution is already proven. Fear is what Christians use to gain members not science.

This is an “elevator pitch” for BioLogos that I constructed for a different thread:

What is BioLogos?
“It is an educational group founded by some of the world’s leading scientists who believe God is real. They also believe that God, instead of creating humans out of dust, and the world in 6 days, used the natural laws he established to create the universe, earth and all life. BioLogos believes God guided Evolution to create humanity. But since mortal life is far from divine perfection, God is also necessary to resolve our sin and imperfections suitable for eternal communion with God, BioLogos teaches scientists who are atheists, Evangelicals who are not scientific, and people of all ages and backgrounds, that ultimately there is no conflict between Science and Faith.”

Within the pitch is a statement for why God is theologically necessary… even with Evolution:

“BioLogos believes God guided Evolution to create humanity. But since mortal life is far from divine perfection, God is also necessary to resolve our sin and imperfections suitable for eternal communion with God,”


I have read this very quickly, George; however, I believe you make a good statement. As Dr. Billy Graham said: It does not matter how God did it. He still created everything. That is , of course, a loose statement of what was actually said. However, it is the truth. Intelligent Design was there and that Designer was GOD!. Merry Christmas

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