What does BioLogos have in common with the last three Radiohead albums?

Answer: Our stuff is free, but people who appreciate what we do support our work with their money. (link for those who don’t get it)

We have a joke at BioLogos that our mission is to give away free stuff as fast as possible to the people who need it most. We like the fact that all our stuff is free—including this Forum. But obviously it takes money to produce our materials and keep everything running. So we rely on the generosity of our funders, both large and small.

I promise I won’t pester you frequently for money, but consider yourself officially pestered :moneybag:. What we really need is more people to become “partners”, i.e. regular monthly donors. Even small amounts make a difference.
Info: https://biologos.org/give/monthly-partner/

Also, here’s some really cool videos we recently produced, featuring some of our partners.

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