What do you think about Islam?

Do you believe in Islam? If not, why do you think Christianity is real, rather than Islam?

First, if I may ask, what do you believe?

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Well they are both real religions so I believe in both.

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What do you think about Islam?
I think we are forced to make many choices in life according to what appeals to us. Christianity appeals to me. Islam does not. In fact, in addition to Christianity, the other major religions, atheism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism appeals to me more than Islam. But since Christianity is a wide spectrum, it is also the case that there are sectors of Christianity which appeal to me even less.

As for being real… I don’t even understand what distinction you are making. Real what? Religion? With 1.8 billion followers, I don’t see how you can claim that Islam is not a real religion.

Is this like saying that kangaroos and elephants are both real animals so you believe in both?

This reminds me of the question, do you believe in the devil?

My answer is that I credit that the devil exists but no, I do not believe in the devil. I believe in God. It is in God whom I put all my faith – for the devil I have no faith at all. My answer with regards to Islam is exactly the same.


You didn’t make that two questions, but you could have. First, IMO, you might want to look for another word or phrase to replace “real”: for example, “accurate” or “theologically closer to the truth”, maybe; or maybe just: "Why do you prefer Christianity over Islam?

Atheists would reject both Christianity and Islam.

Why do I prefer Christianity to Islam? Because I believe Islam is malarkey. Even if I were an atheist, I would believe that Islam is bogus. Why?

  • In Islam, Allah means “God”. That’s His name. Islam uses many other words to describe or refer to Him, but Allah’s name is “God” and that’s what He is.
    • So what, you ask?
    • Well, apparently, Allah forgot that He once had a name: Yahweh. “Yahweh” is a name, and it doesn’t mean “God”. So, Islam tells me that sometime between the mid-1st century and 700+/- A.D… God stopped using his name and decided to make things easier for non-Jews to call on him.
  • Next, there is, IMO, no other relationship between Yahweh and mankind more important than the Father-Child relationship. There are several places in the Tanakh, where Yahweh and Israel speak of that relationship. And there are even more places in the Christian Scripture where that relationship is affirmed, by our Father and by the faithful. But what do we find in Islam?
    • Nada, zip, zilch. And not only that, but also an explicit rejection by Allah that He has children of any sort. So eager is Allah to repudiate the notion that he has children that among Islam’s 99 names for God, “Father” is never mentioned, not even metaphorically, allegorically, or figuratively. Please, feel free to correct me if you find one in any Islamic text.
  • I conclude, much to the dismay of those who think otherwise, that Yahweh and Allah refer to two different entities. The first knows nothing of the second and the second claims to acknowledge the first, but knows nothing of His name and rejects His role as Father.
  • Pressing forward, I share here every verse in the Qur’an that mentions or refers to Jesus.

Nothing compares with the claims made for Christianity’s founder.

I believe that God is One and this is the fundamental premise of Islam, so I am Muslim.
I don’t see that we can talk about one religion being “real” over another. A person may choose one religion over another because it best suits their belief. Belief is based on evidence, the evidence that we see as conscious beings. We may change religion as our spiritual experience may change, and even based on our mental and physical experiences.

Jews too believe that God is One and so do Christians, but Christians believe in one God substance in three Persons, Islam and Judaism believe that the substance and Person are One. To a vast extent it’s about what culture one is born in to. Conversion (apostasy!!!) among the Abrahamic faiths is about 0.1%. One in a thousand. Conversion from non-belief is far outweighed by being born in a belief and in the West belief is in catastrophic decline. That’s economics and class for you.

So Ani99, might I ask if you have declared the Shahada?

I don’t place any faith in Islam as being truth. I believe just like with anyone who preaches a different message from Jesus and his apostles that he is a false teacher.

But I don’t believe that Islam is a death cult like many. I don’t believe that the actions taken by terrorists who blow themselves up killing innocent people are actually abiding in the words of the Prophet. Just like with the Bible, versus from the Quran is often pulled out of context to support a false narrative.

Such as people who say Islam is a murder cult because it says kill the infidels. But when you take the sutras as a whole, and you read through it chronologically , you’ll see that it’s not talking about killing peaceful nonbelievers. Infidels is the same as the term tossed around in Christianity for sinners. The Quran lines out stipulations about when in war don’t kill the innocent infidels. If a young man stays behind to care for the widows, kids and elderly when you come to that town don’t kill him or them.

It even teaches that if they conquer their enemies in war and the other warrior surrenders to let it go. Don’t strike them. It even says if they attack you, raise the taxes and forgive them if they again repent and apologize. But after granting mercy twice, if they once more attack you to kill them.

Just like with the Torah, the Quran is best read in it’s original language and that by doing word studies you can open up a lot of doors. I do believe the Quran is a beautifully written set of scriptures. But it’s not my faith, and so despite reading it a few times in its typical sutra layout and by reading it chronically I have yet to really dig deeply into it.

I placed my faith in God and that means I placed my faith in the old and New Testament as God’s words to us. The Quran contradictions many claims in the Bible. I don’t believe it’s a better interpretation of God message than the Bible.

I also believe that God is one. I believe that Jesus is the son of Yahweh and that Yahweh gave authority and power over to his son. I believe Jesus is the incarnation of the power of God made flesh. I don’t believe the Holy Spirit is a being, but is the power of a god.

In fact all religions accept one God, if you look closely enough. In my past life as a Hindu, I acknowledged that Brahman is the Absolute. All the 33 million gods and goddesses are nothing more than attributes of the Godhead. Even in the Old Religion of Europe, if I go way back to the first incarnation 12,000 years ago in what is today modern day Wales in the UK, I was a shaman (female, some call shamanka). When we performed the rituals we always begin by stating “to the One, where all things meet as One”. And later incarnation in ancient Egypt we also understood there is only one Godhead. I still end prayers with “Amoun-Ra” quite often. Habit.

Yes I have made the declaration, I can do it here too. I bear witness that there is no other god, but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God. And as a Shia Muslim, I accept Ali as protector and authority as well.

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