What do Christians think of the non-observable universe?

This might be a trivial question (or not).

I suppose that YEC may not believe that the non-observable universe exists, but I want to know this: what do other Christians in general think about it? Do they think God has any purpose for it at all? Will large parts of the non-observable universe and thus much of God’s creation will forever remain out of reach for humanity?

The vast majority of space-time is forever physically out of reach for humanity.

I do not believe that God created the universe in the way an artist paints a picture or in the way a watchmaker construct a watch. The purpose of the universe is life – the nature of which is not a means to an end but an end in itself. The only rational reason for creating life is when you seek a relationship with others than yourself. That certainly includes humanity but there is no reason to presume we are the only ones.

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I think there is a purpose to the non-observable universe in that it shows the creativity of God and that despite the unknown expanse of the outside of the universe God is much bigger even then that. Or at least the realm of the non-observable universe is small compared to the realm of glory that awaits us in Heaven and I think the vastness is the universe is meant to be explored by humanity upon the New Creation.

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