What denominations are the most accepting/tolerant of old earth?

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What denominations are the most accepting/tolerant of old earth?

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Any mainline Protestant denomination, so ELCA, PCUSA, Episcopal Church, UMC, and so on. Also, the Roman Catholic Church officially has no problem with evolution/old earth. I don’t think the Mennonite Church (USA) has an issue either. I don’t know what pentecostals think on this issue. Southern Baptists are open to old earth (at least, on paper) but not evolution. Same for PCA (Presbyterian Church of America). In fact, there’s very few denominations I know of (outside of groups like Independent Fundamentalist Baptists and the like) that take a super strong stand on a young earth. But that doesn’t mean that pastors and congregants in that denomination are open to other perspectives.

There’s so many denominations and independent churches out there that it’s a hard question to answer. But I hope this helps.

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I don’t know that old earth is an issue for most denominations, it is common descent that causes friction. BioLogos contributor Joel Martin published a paper on denominational stances on evolution in 2010.


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This list comes from the article (not in alphabetical order):

Roman Catholic
United Methodist
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)
Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
Episcopal Church
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
United Church of Christ

Church of Christ
American Baptist Churches USA
Presbyterian Church in America
The Vineyard

Southern Baptist Convention
National Baptist Convention USA
Church of God in Christ
New Apostolic Church
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Seventh-Day Adventists
International Circle of Faith
Calvary Chapel
Church of God (Cleveland)
Assemblies of God
Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

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