What Christians say - What I Hear (C-19 Edition)

I’m self-indulgently using this thread to blow off steam. But also offering an opportunity to laugh at the silly things the we/our brothers and sisters (whom we dearly love) say. In times like this, laughing keeps you sane.

The idea is simple, you post something you’ve heard a Christian say about anything C-19 related and what you really hear.

I’ll start.

“I think meeting together is a step of faith for us right now”.
What I hear: those who are concerned about meeting out of concerns the virus might spread lack faith in God.

“I’ll only wear a mask where required to by law”
What I hear: I’m unwilling to make sacrifices for the safety of others.

In all these things, I doubt this is what the person really means, but it is how it comes across. Feel free to chip in with your own.


“God sent COVID-19 because we all needed to rest.”
What hear: You evidently have had a nice break, but there are a lot of people excluded from your “all,” and you have a problematic view of God’s instructional methods.


I hear:
Meeting together in an indoor arena without masks will bring us closer to God

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