What Can We Learn From the "(Ig) Nobel" Prizes?

The creators of the award ceremony (from the Annals of Improbable Research) wrote that their purpose is to first make people “laugh, and then think.” With simple, short, visible, and humorous approaches, the questions on things like the square shape of wombat droppings make us laugh at our self importance, and wonder even more at this awesome universe we live in. Some IgNobel award recipients have even received real Nobel awards on related research.

What do you think is the most important result of these awards? Is there any specific moral that we can pick up? What do you find the most enjoyable? Is there anything anyone has learned from them? How about Christian themes, such as our relationship to Creation?

Thank you!

I note that the medicine prize was: " …for using cadavers to explore whether there is an equal number of hairs in each of a person’s two nostrils."

Even the hairs of your nose are numbered, I suppose.

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Help keeping science fun.

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There’s a research topic: does being punched in the nose hard enough to do actual injury result in a change in the number of nose hairs on the impacted side?


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