What are some of the most disturbing , or angering things, that you believe the Bible teaches?

Often times, most of us find ways to reinterpret the things they seem wrong to us. Or we can say it like, often we are less by the spirit towards interpretations that are not as problematic. But I was wondering if there was anything you genuinely believe the Bible teaches and it just makes no sense to you.

This is the thing that bothers me the most. Jesus is a incarnation of god. He’s the embodiment of love. He’s referred to as the word made flesh and a sort of author of life. He is friends with those the world shunned.

Yet he killed and ate animals. I get for many , if not most of y’all eat animals. For me, that’s still bleh but it’s not as bizarre to me as Jesus doing it. I feel like it would be the same to me as if I was a god and created life and then murdered and ate it. Like he knows the animals he killed would have been scared and in pain and that’s what’s the weird part to me. I have a hard time imagining Jesus as this butcher , who would get some random animal, stick hooks in it, slowly suffocate it and chop off its head, tear off its flesh and then burn its corpse and eat it. It’s the one thing that is just always in my mind.

Given that the typical Jewish approach (I believe) for killing an animal to be eaten was/is one blow to the head or neck that would instantly kill the animal, it wouldn’t be quite as bad.

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