What about a self-caused universe?

That looks like a change of mind from what you said previously.

“Describing what an infinite number of objects look like is, for me, a major challenge. My tutor could do it much better.”

I hope you have rethought your position, rather than acting like nothing changed.

You’re going to have to remind me where I wrote that. I tried using biologos’ search engine to find it, I was unable to.

Oh… that could be a disqualification. It needs to be sent to the committee for review.

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That is the position I agree with albeit fleshed out with excruciating care. I never understood the basis for his claim that I agreed with him. Therefore I deny it.

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Ha! I was glad that all I had to do was look through website’s pages, which took minutes at most, and take screenshots, then post them in meaningful and proper order, which was easy enough to do.

“Excruciating”?? I find that one can’t be too detailed when dealing with folks’ who scrutinize every jot and tittle. [Plus: it keeps aging brain cells active’; and sometimes, if I’m lucky, drowns 'em in the details. I’ve been considering dropping my penchant for bullets to confuse ;em, too.]

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How are you denying it when we are in agreement about the numberless value of infinity.

It’s as if you can say it, but not me. The condescension is almost unbelievable.

When someone says they lack a belief in deities, how do you think you can disprove that? Mind reading? Lie detector?

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If a person says they were once a married bachelor?

Like an infinite number of things, they may genuinely believe it they were once a married bachelor.

So you are saying that all atheists actually believe in God but just lie about it?

I guess I can then disprove theism by stating that all believers actually don’t believe in God. Hmf, that was easy.

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My apologies, I think you missed an edit I immediately made, and then another subsequent edit.

Either way, before getting to this, did you understand what I was saying yesterday?

That Bob Dylan song comes to mind, Gotta Serve Somebody.

As to your question, I think atheists genuinely believe there can be an objective world without God, but it’s a carry over from theistic belief. I’m open to explaining it further, but it goes back to what I was saying yesterday.

I tried to ask a question, but you just referred me to a previous post which didn’t help.

In your vernacular, when the creation of the virtual particle pair happens it doesn’t happen?

More to the point, your concepts of causation are strongly skewed towards classical mechanics which doesn’t adapt well to what we see at the quantum level. For example, how do your concepts of causation deal with radioactive decay? In yet another experiment, in Young’s double slit experiment, what causes a single photon to land at one spot on the detector instead of another?

Many of the concepts that people have put forward for how our universe came about is couched in quantum mechanics. Those concepts are going to have to be dealt with in these types of discussions.

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The first thing to get right is not all atheists claim that God does not exist. Rather, they lack a belief in God because they have yet to see compelling evidence that God exists.

The belief that there is an objective world is completely unrelated.

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Let me try again. The quantum event happens, and we’ll assume the cause doesn’t exist or it’s impossible to detect.

If the cause doesn’t exist, the quantum event just happens.

If the cause is impossible to detect, the quantum event is caused by something that doesn’t happen.

If our universe came about through similar means, would that be a self-caused universe?

They claim it’s possible for him to not exist in relation to an objective world.

That would be something from nothing. I see a self-caused universe as a variation on an uncaused cause.

Edit: Let me restate the last sentence:

I see a self-caused universe as a variation on an uncaused cause causing the universe.

It is certainly not that you never contradict yourself or use words in a meaningless way.

Is this a prank?


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