We're live on Facebook tonight at 7PM EST!

Hello friends, a lot of you probably have seen this on social media already, but tonight at 7PM (eastern) a couple of very cool people (including @jstump, @Kathryn_Applegate, @JRM, and @amaskiewicz) will be live on Facebook, talking about science, biblical faith, and the Resurrection. Here’s the official promo flyer:

Hope to see a bunch of you in the comment section! I’ll be running production.


I think thats around 1 AM my time…hmm a bit steep. But since my exams are over i think i might be able to stop by!

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Awesome! I’m going to guess that you’re in Western Europe somewhere?

I’m in Belgium! Central i think. I’m not good with timezone’s :stuck_out_tongue:

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What time is it in the UK? (Probably the same as Belgium)

@Reggie_O_Donoghue This site does the conversion for you: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180327T230000&p1=5327&p2=136. Looks like midnight in UK (I used London as city, I don’t know if it’s the same zone where you are).

This is our first try at this, and we’re aware that it is very hard to reach all of our international community at once. We’re open to feedback about better broadcast times.

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I live in a London suburb, too late for me, I have college in the morning. If it were the next day, then things may be different, but alas.

The UK is 1 hour ahead of Belgium. So right now it would be 6:47 PM

four forty seven

So, this time of year is hard to figure with daylight saving time and all. Perhaps everyone should just change to GMT. 7:00 EST would be …7:00 Central Daylight Saving Time I think. Wow, that is in conflict NCIS, but will be there.


@jpm Oh crap, I should have put 7PM EDT!! I didn’t even think about daylight savings. :man_facepalming:

It would be 6PM your time.

I use facebook about 3 times per year… on my children’s and wife’s birthdays… how easy is it to join in a “facebook live” event?

Just sign into your Facebook account, follow the BioLogos page (just search for BioLogos), and you should get a notification at 7PM that we are live. If not, just click on our page at 7 and the broadcast should appear at the top.

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That’s a problem, right there. There are many other less obtrusive, video streaming outlets…

I know Facebook is a controversial platform right now. But we don’t have 62,000 followers on other video streaming outlets right now.

We will cross-post the video to Youtube at some point after the broadcast ends.

It’s always been controversial. YouTube has a much lower entry requirement.

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No questions yet, come on folks!!! :wink:

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I couldn’t be there live. Because i fell asleep while watching a movie!
Luckily facebook saves the whole live video so i can still watch it :smiley:

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