Weird Quantum Effects Drive Chemical Reactions and DNA Evolution

This came up on my feed today and I found it startling. Anton Petrov says in the video, “This might sound a little bit too farfetched or at least potentially hypothetical… turns out, not at all.”

I don’t have anything to contribute other than the video itself and am interested if anyone with more expertise can comment on the video.

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Speaking of going through walls… that the Lord of all is Lord of quantum tunneling should not be a surprising idea.

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Is that a scientist of repute?

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Petrov’s commentary has some credibility in the forum. Let me know what you think of the video.

I would characterize him a scientific educator and reporter of some repute.

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After watching the video a few times, I am fascinated by these recent developments and would still like to see what others think about it.

In my previous life as a college student, I discussed quantum fluctuations with an undergrad physicist who didn’t believe in God. If the fluctuations were truly random, I said, then they could have a consequential effect in the world every now and then. His first thought was that it would be like God playing a joke on him. Go figure.

I agree with @Dale that the Lord of all is even the Lord of this chaos where particles and holes seem to genuinely appear out of nowhere.

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I’ve asked this in various places and contexts, and it seems fitting here:

looking back at our biological history on the planet, is there actually a way we can tell whether things have proceeded randomly rather than having been guided on occasion? A university friend once claimed to have calculated that God only needed to intervene seven times down the ages in order to end up with today’s humans, and argued that such a low level of intervention would be indistinguishable from random mutations. Now if mutations can occur due to quantum tunneling, does that reduce even further the possibility of distinguishing guided mutations from the random(ish) background?

If occasional intentional tweaking is indistinguishable from standard ongoing processes, just how much of the diversity we see be not just intended but selected by God?

Someone at an open-topic seminar presented a paper about God and apparent chaos using this as its focus–

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The design argument was never my thing

It’s really there… but maybe the quantum holes, like the waves of sea, can have a natural explanation…

The song is growing on me, thanks for sharing it.

I haven’t heard that for ages, and I love the Shaker tune and words. Looking up the list of covers, I don’t see an artist that seems to fit any recollection. Thanks.

I first heard that at a summer camp a bout three years after it was written. It was done as a skit at evening campfire, without the fire lit and with electric lights on. When it got to “…whipped and stripped and hung Me high” the lights went off, and when the words reached “… and I leapt up high” the campfire burst into flames and torches set around the area started seemingly lighting themselves, proceeding from behind the campfire, every other torch lighting in order, the flames seemingly jumping from one to the next around behind us and back towards the campfire till the whole place was lit.

I wish whoever it was I loaned my guitar to once hadn’t lost all my music; I had this in there with I think four additional verses written by a Methodist pastor to flesh out the story.

One result of that song that summer camp – after it got sung from canoes, rafts, while hiking, jumping waves in the surf and more – was a whole bunch of kids with a new take on this Savior guy who stopped complaining about going to church and started attending the youth events as well. It energized a lot of us quite unexpectedly (though the older high school and college kids who were staff probably weren’t totally surprised), catching pastors off guard as they suddenly had kids who wanted to be involved.

These days I associate it with the information behind the universe and the quantum foam of possibilities with a laughing Savior directing it all without His hand even being seen,


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