Was the philosophy in the newtestament stolen from earlier greek and roman philosiphies?

Below is a response to someone stating that this individual must have not read the bible if they think that nothing of value can be obtained by reading it:

"I have, actually, in three different languages. Four if you count the Torah.

I’ll admit there is some decent philosophy in the New Testament. All of which was stolen from earlier Greek and Roman philosophies, specifically stoicism. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking or even unique in the bible except monotheism, every single other idea was stolen from someplace else. And, unlike the bible, if you go straight to the original sources for the philosophical aspects, you skip all the stupid bits people use to justify their hate and bigotry.

So no, there’s really nothing to be gained from reading the bible that can’t be garnered from a better source."

So my question is: is it true that all of the philosophy in the new testament was stolen from earlier greek and roman philosphies and does that make the new testament irrelevant considering that there are “better sources” according to the above response?

P.s. i ask this question because it has brought about some doubt in regards to the bible itself, especially for some one like me who is just getting into the new testament.


If the person making this comment was a part of the discussion, I’d ask what kinds of sources they base their claims on. But since I can’t do that, I’m not going to worry about it.

“Stolen” seems to be a bit of a strong word. People groups have always borrowed from their neighbors. If you want to look at it that way, then there’s really nothing new under the sun at all. Ultimately, the New Testament is about Jesus. Since I find that Jesus is a unique individual in history, it doesn’t bother me if Paul incorporated philosophical ideas that stemmed from his own time and place in history.


Well - if you’re gonna play that way …monotheistic Zoroastrianism predates Christianity (and probably most of our present Bible as well). So; …no… as you would have it, that got “stolen” too.

Or perhaps a better way to look at it is: Isn’t it possible that many religions and cultures are all “stealing” stuff from the same reality? If I step outside and note that the sky is blue, am I to be accused of plagiarizing this or that ancient group for having noted the same thing?


What philosophy?

Can’t say that i have looked at it that way before, certainly is something i should think about.

Stoicism, according the the one who originally posted said response.

Yeah, saw that on the side of Greek philosophy, where is it in the NT? And where is love in stoicism?

The Babylonians beat the Greeks to it by a thousand years of course.

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