Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?

His body was transformed. It’s not about traveling through space.

The Hebrews believed Heaven to be above the dome of the firmament, which is the way many people think of it today. However, given what we are told about Heaven it may not be a physical location in our space/time. God certainly exists outside of space/time so it is reasonable to assume that Heaven would also.

You can’t use science to answer a question about the supernatural. After the resurrection Jesus appeared to be the same. He ate, talked with the Apostles, and allowed Thomas to touch Him. However He was also different. He appeared in a locked room and traveled great distances for instance.

Abraham sings

No, I shared a translation that says speaks truth in the heart.

How do you know it is the Holy Spirit.

We lie to ourselves to conform our thoughts to our desires and justify wrong behaviors, including behaviors of the mind. For instance, there are some who have convinced themselves that the spiritual, the supernatural, cannot exist, thereby relieving themselves of any responsibility towards God (they don’t want God to exist).

Abraham loves life

This is what I think about evidence: Evidence that is foolish to deny

She has an interesting perspective. She believes that she is a reincarnated ancient Egyptian.

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Bizarre, and on what evidence, speaking of lying to yourself.

I would guess her favorite opera is Aida…

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As Bharat likes to say, “just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean that I’m wrong.”
Especially when Allah approved of Muhammad’s marriage to 6-year old Aisha and consummated the marriage when Aisha was 9 years old.

You haven’t seen a balloon go by, have you? It has a string tied to it but the string is not tethered.

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Moderators made it private. I am not into adversarial discussions with believers. Wondering which way to go.

It was a political arrangement betwEen tribes.

Absolutely true

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Every religion has its aberrations. What about Basilides denial of crucifixion? Inquisitions? Harvesting of souls? Killing of native Americans? Holocaust? Pope Paul’s investigations into child abuse? We must not miss the larger picture. Jesus is more than all this.

Surely, you jest. Religion = theology = god = Allah. Divinely approved pedophilia is “an aberration”? Do you think you’ve caught me in that large net that you’ve cast? Think again! Basilidism may or may not survive in the Qur’an. The inquisitions were contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. Your suggestion that “the harvesting of souls” is an aberration is your perversion of a metaphor. The killing of Native Americans was contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. The holocaust was contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. Child abuse by ANYONE is contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. Aberrations, sin, and evil are the larger picture. Jesus is not “more than that”; He is completely other than that. The life of Muhammad the alleged prophet of Allah, on the other hand, is very much that and more. It’s an example for all Muslim men to aspire too. Any wonder that ISIS followed the example of their prophet who was “approved by Allah”? Wake up, Bharat! You don’t know who Jesus was and is.


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Abraham saw sky

Abraham saw river

Do we maybe deceive ourselves if we think everyone has a good relationship to God? Do you think Vladimir Putin does?

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Everyone thinks they are right. Question is how to decide what God wants.