Walt Hearn eulogy (former editor of God and Nature Magazine)

(Mervin Bitikofer) #1

Walt Hearn recently passed away (2017), and his obituary (written by himself) may be of interest to many here. He sounds like he is another giant among our “cloud of witnesses”. So check out this eulogy (and his self-written obit) on the ASA site.

(Phil) #2

What an interesting obit!

(Jay Johnson) #3

I’m sure @Sy_Garte might have a word or two to say about this, seeing that he is the new editor-in-chief of God and Nature.

(sy_garte) #4

Walt had been a major contributor to God and Nature from its foundation, and a strong mentor to Emily Ruppel Herrington, the founding Editor. He contributed essays of many kinds for most issues (starting in 2012), and there is still a folder of his unpublished contributions, that Emily passed on to me in February when she stepped down. I found the eulogy in this folder. There may be other gems that will hopefully see the light of publication at the right moment.

Meanwhile, allow me to take this opportunity to solicit contributions from Biologos forum participants. You can find God and Nature at the ASA web site.