Walking with Stan Rosenberg | Parks Road, Oxford

The podcast is back! This one is a fun “walking” one, where we left the studios and computers and took a walk with Stan Rosenberg, the founder of Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO).

They talk about Augustine, the history of science and faith interactions, and also Oxford itself!


(All of we? ; - )

Not all of us got to go the UK, no. And it was last month. :rofl:

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Enjoyed the perspective on Augustine.


And why would they trust us to talk about matters of salvation, if we can’t even get basic details, like the nature of the cosmos correct?

That echoes Augustine pretty directly!

Augustine went there :slight_smile:

And I have a sneaking suspicion he was one of the first.

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I can’t find the passage I remember where Augustine ponders the unsearchable depth in the eyes of those he preached to, but I did find this which confirmed my suspicion of him being the first:

“Augustine raises in Book 8 of the De Trinitate, apparently for the first
time in Western philosophy, a problem central to modern, post-Cartesian
philosophy, namely, the Problem of Other Minds.”

Gareth B. Matthews from an introduction to Augustine’s On the Trinity.

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This is what I was referring to (fairly familiar around here, anyway – I’ve cited it enough ; - ):


First time I’ve seen the passage. Heard it referenced, but hadn’t actually read it. Thanks for posting.

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Not bad Stan.

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It’s encouraging to hear of someplace(s) in the world where people have a healthy enough perspective to allow one to simultaneously embrace both faith and science without a crisis or without diluting either or both until they are unrecognizable.


A beautiful walk through the histories of connections at Oxford. Thanks.

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