Visualizing the history of pandemics

I just came across this article which came out a few days ago on the web while sheltering idly in place. I found the variety of approaches pretty interesting. Overall it makes clear that so long as we live in high density urban environments the microbial tribe will have a much easier time in its war on us. If this has already appeared in another thread please delete.


It does make you wonder what the long term effects will be. We have been moving more to high density housing in urban settings, with small neighborhood shops highly dependent on distribution networks, with shoppers buying food and supplies for immediate use. Will that change?
Of course, since this virus seems to only take out the old, will it have an ultimate positive effect in our aging society? (That is a sobering thought as I qualify as an old guy!)

So basically high density living might fix the ‘problem’ all that good medicine we’ve created has caused where our lot is concerned? We’re such a creative species that way.

As another old guy with an even older and more medically compromise wife, I sure wish we’d been able to test. One upside to this sheltering in place is she has finally had to try out actually being retired. She usually has someone come to help her in the studio (mostly with media and records) 3 or 4 days a week. I think she’d much rather die harnessed to the plow whereas I absolutely love all the time for gardening, visiting museums and gardens, reading, walking the dogs and working out at the Y. At last I think I’ve found my true calling.

No, I was implying high density housing is part of the problem. We are living more in stockyards than pastures

That’s true. I was going for joking about modern medicine being responsible for keeping us high up-keep oldsters around for so long.

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I really should read more carefully. So many posts, so little time…
Well, maybe we have a bit more time these days sitting around the house.

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