Video Series: Should Christians Take The COVID Vaccine?

Here is a link to a video series produced by Redeeming Babel to address many of the recent concerns of Christians.

Curtis Chang and David French were recently on the podcast to discuss this series, and they’ve allowed us to host them on our website as well.

Topics include:
Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?
Is the COVID-19 vaccine a form of government control?
Is the COVID-19 vaccine the mark of the beast?
Should pro life people be pro vaccine?
How can Christians spot fake news about the vaccine?
Should Christians trust the COVID-19 vaccine when the system is flawed?
Can Black Americans trust the vaccine?


The data you have provided on this topic is thorough, fair, logical and important. I have a close relative who participated in one of the main studies to determine if it that particular company produced an effective and safe product. She is a scientist working directly with Covid patients. She has followed the developments carefully and is a devout Christian.
I acknowledge that by working with hundreds of patients who died or are dying from this virus must color her opinions to some degree. She is human. However, the testing protocols are well established and proven to be accurate, and there is no science that suggests anything other than the tremendous efficacy and safety of the vaccines.


Thank you to you fellas for thanking me. I appreciate it. These are tough times for “the vaccine industry.”
I heard people who remained stateside and lived through WW II say that although the war was awful and they would never want to live through another one, they enjoyed a sense of fellowship and camaraderie with their fellow citizens that was so supportive, and mutually helpful and warm and neighborly, that they really missed it when the fighting stopped.
I said that to say that I wish this pandemic had wrought within us that same spirit of goodness and support they once knew. For several weeks after 911 I thought there was more sensitivity and patience and understanding among us that I wish could be sustained.


“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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