VC Day (Victory on the Cross)

Today is what Ash Wednesday aimed us at.

It’s the day that we see just Who God is.


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I’m surprised that the Ash Wednesday topic got a good bit of discussion but this hasn’t.

I also missed this, sorry!

This cry consists of a single word in Greek—tetelestai. It is in the perfect tense, which presupposes a past occurrence but focuses attention on the present results of that event, so the word may be translated “it stands complete” or “it is finished.” It is a word an artist would use when she stands back after spending weeks perfecting what could become a masterpiece and gently whispers, with great relief and pleasure, tetelestai. Perhaps Jesus had used the word in his life as a carpenter when he had finished making a bedside table or plough for a client in Sepphoris. Running off to Joseph, he calls out “Abba, Abba, come quickly!” and proudly shows his foster father his completed carpentry.


“Splendid, Yeshua,” says Joseph, placing an approving hand on Jesus’ shoulder. “Tetelestai.”

What Did Jesus Mean When He Cried Out ‘It Is Finished!’ in John 19:30? (

This really touched me!

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In reading ancient Greek manuscripts we came across this:


It turns the three occurrences of tau into the three crosses, the middle one larger (I couldn’t get it larger here so I bolded it) to show it’s Christ’s. The spacing reflects the tradition that the repentant thief was on Jesus’ right because it is closer than the one on the left.


BTW, the same word was used when the final payment was made on a purchase of property. It indicated not just that payment was complete but that the contract was fulfilled and no claims could be made later; payment was permanently done and the transfer of the property also permanent.

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Wow! This really made my day haha. :grin:

In Genesis 1, God completes everything in six days. On the seventh day he rests. Jesus completed his mission when he died on the sixth day. And lay in the grave during the Sabbath day.

Aaron had to stay at the tent of meeting’s entrance for seven days, and was ordained on the eighth day. After that he was able to enter the tent, and the glory of Yahweh appeared to all the people (Leviticus 8-9).

Jesus was raised on the eighth day. Could we say that his service as high priest started after his resurrection? Then his service would also start on the eighth day.

The only thing that doesn’t add up to this comparison, is that the curtain of the temple was torn immediately after Jesus died (Mark 15:28). Which seems to suggest God’s presence was now already available through the new temple, Jesus.

The Cross is where Jesus was both Priest and Victim, as well as being His coronation.

The Resurrection was the start of the victory parade – what the Romans called a Triumph.

Yes, it does. The Holy of Holies on that day was at Golgotha where the Lamb of God was lifted up from the Earth. The small room in the Temple was open because its function had been passed on.
In fact on the Cross Jesus was all of Israel, which would change after the Resurrection as the Apostles and others came to believe. In effect Jesus was Abraham as well as Jacob and the Apostles were Jacob’s sons – the new Israel who would not need the Temple because they would be the Temple.

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