Upcoming Debate: Alister McGrath v Michael Shermer

Alister McGrath and Michael Shermer will debate the question
Is God a Figment of our Imagination?

The time: September 15, 2017 at 7:30 pm
The place: University of Toronto and
Live-streamed on YouTube

(Note: If you have a YouTube account you can set a reminder.)

Our dialogue brings together two leading thinkers who have thoughtfully wrestled with this question, each not only having embarked on a personal pilgrimage, but each bringing a lifetime of erudition, experience, and insights to bear on this theme. Alister McGrath, the athiest who would become a theist, and Michael Shermer, the theist who would become an atheist.

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Yeah, I was considering going…

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It will be live-streamed on YouTube if you can’t make it. What makes it very interesting is that McGrath is a Christian who was formerly an atheist, and Shermer is an atheist who was formerly a Christian.


I will watch it certainly. I like both debaters. I actually like Michael Shermer, although I disagree with him on religion.

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