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I was reading this most excellent article and it made me think of how this event will change us. How will we respond, and how can be open to the Spirit as we enter this time?
What do you think? What changes are you prepared to see as when we get to the other side of this time in the wilderness?


Great perspective – thanks for sharing. I keep thinking how this will probably affect a lot of kids like 9/11 affected my generation – it’s sort of a turning point in many of our ideas about safety, family, and our country’s role in the world. I share the author’s hope that this time will bring us a greater appreciation for the gift of community and the incredible blessing it is to walk through life with our fellow travelers.

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Thank you for this.

I am now working from home. I already miss my colleagues and miss my church family. Calling and video conferencing isn’t quite the same as meeting in person…

As an introvert, I often look forward to the time when I can be alone with my family. This situation is a good lesson for me, to value what I took for granted, as the article discusses.

Thank you, Lord.

And take care, everyone. I’m praying for us.


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