Unravelling Mystery of Africa on COVID-19 pandemic

I have examined global efforts to unravel what is now considered a mystery regarding an apparent overturning of the otherwise expected devastation of Africa in the history of corona virus pandemics within the last hundred years. Generally, all the postulations to explain the mystery remain inconclusive and at the level of scientific and logical speculations. They include no possibilities from religious interpretations. Therefore, with the framework of African Theology that appreciates Africa’s unique religious consciousness, and sharing biblical holistic worldviews, I propose a holistic approach to unravelling the mystery. This requires considering adding to scientific reasoning the knowledge adduced from African spirituality and a probable divine election as seen in experiencing relatively less COVID-19 casualties. In short, this proposal believes Africa’s case is an invitation from God to the world to see the need for integrating spirituality in science not only in managing COVID-19, but also for a good planetary health now and beyond. My views.


Was definitely a interesting read. Did you coin the phrase “ theocology”. First time I heard it and when googling it your name comes up often.

We definitely can’t deny that God could have played a role. Or that spirituality could help. Maybe the hope could boost the immune system because it’s making them happier? Or maybe the decline was because it seems the covid virus does not do as well in warmer temps.

It’s definitely something I don’t know much about. I’m tired now but I look forward to Reading the other ones sometime coming up.

Welcome to the forum! It is good to hear your voice, @eyblasu. I am interested in hearing more about African Theology, and especially how it integrates scientific viewpoints.
Divine election is a difficult subject. The post on Manifestation vs. Prayer goes into some of the same subject matter, and may be interesting to look over and share your thoughts there also. When we consider such things, we are presuming to know to some extent the mind of God, and like Moses take off our shoes as we are on holy ground.
God is working mightily in Africa and perhaps there is merit in that the worst of the pandemic has spared those there for his glory. Or, geographic, climate, and demographic differences may explain it also. They need not be seen as in conflict, as explored a bit in yet another active thread discussing Jim Stump’s article on the vaccine and miracles. In my own life, I have seen coincidences and circumstances as evidence of God’s action and direction in my life, and those sort of factors have been noted in guiding the course of nations throughout the Bible.
How then do we determine if such is the case, and more importantly, what difference does it make in directing our lives? Perhaps that is where we rely on prayer and our openness to the Holy Spirit, something I need to continually work on as I often fail miserably.

I tried to attempt some suggestions in this wise in my article under that sub-heading Theocological implications of the probable favour of God on Africa for directing our mlives as we manage Covid-19. Hope you could access the link to the paper.

Thanks, I was able to read and this time paid more attention! I like your statement,
" the possibility that “COVID-19 could reflect humanity’s role in
planetary health perturbations—that is, in affecting the finely balanced relationships between human beings, other living things and ecosystems…
The immediate origin of the novel virus could be the result of some unethical behaviors against nature and our eco-community, to the displeasure of God."

Certainly the damage done to us spiritually may exceed the physical for those who continue to walk the earth in its aftermath. We need to work on that aspect in our lives and in our communities.

Let me add that we are blessed to have you share your thoughts and ideas on this forum. We look forward to getting to know you better and hope you don’t mind me sharing this brief CV googled on the internet: https://www.presbyuniversity.edu.gh/site/rev-dr-ebenezer-yaw-blasu/

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yes you may. however, i have updated my cv nd also I a have transferred job to another institute, the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of theology, mission and culture. IF ONLY i can know how to upload the new CV onto the platform or to you

This should get us there: https://www.aci.edu.gh/academics/faculty/e-y-blasu

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