Two Priests, a Pope, and the Big Bang


There is no evidence that Fr. Georges Lemaître ever met Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, although their scientific careers overlapped to a considerable degree.

Both men were standouts in their fields-- Lemaître more so than Teilhard, I would say, but both attracted the attention of the press because of the fact they were Catholic priests as well as scientists, rare birds then, as now.

But only one of the two, Fr. Lemaître, was honored by his own Church, while Fr. Teilhard… was treated like a leper.

Two Priests, a Pope, and the Big Bang

by Catholic writer John Farrell, in Forbes Magazine

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Not a lot of people knew that Lemaître made the foundation for the Big Bang Theory (like me, I only learned about him last year). When I told a friend and one of my pastors about the guy, they were both surprised.

I find it weird when some fellow Evangelicals think that the Big Bang Theory somehow goes against their faith.


I’m hoping that John Farrell will do an article on Fr. Teilhard de Chardin.

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