Two articles from the latest Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith

Two articles that I found interesting, and seem relevant here:

On interpretation of Acts 17:26
PSCF6-22Horst.pdf (

On construction and design of the “ark”
PSCF6-22Dickin.pdf (


That’s an excellent article, and very detailed. Thanks for linking it.

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Tl:dr. In one line each from 14 pages each what does he claim?

There’s a four sentence summary under the title that is not tl.

If “On interpretation of Acts 17:26” didn’t grab you, you’re probably not the target audience and no summary would make the article worth your time.

That verse is widely misused because most English translations make it effortless to read wrong and complicated to get at the truth. They say something like “From one man he made all the nations,” often without even a footnote to say that “man” is inferred rather than being in the Greek, or that Greek texts that do specify what there is one of say “one blood.” The article also points out that here of all places we wouldn’t expect a reference to Adam by Paul: he’s going out of his way to frame things in Greek philosophical terms, even catering to their texts and poets rather than his own. The article also looks at the pros and cons of several readings. But none of it is likely to matter for someone who’s happy to find their own beliefs reflected in black and white in their Bible of choice. Spend fourteen pages going through everything, and they’ll just reply, “But my Bible clearly says…”

So, great article, but I have no delusions that many who see Adam in Acts 17:26 will take the time to read it. My real hope is that it reaches those who can improve the translation of that verse in future versions and updates.


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