True knowledge of God, epistemology

Continuing the discussion from Modernism v. Postmodernism, Absolute v. Relative Truth:

Since that thread was really all about epistemology anyway…

Because non-Christians almost certainly won’t grant this, nor maybe will some Christians, let’s make it a hypothetical and presume as a given that a person can actually have true knowledge of God, knowing the absolute truth or at least some of the truths of ultimate reality absolutely. That is what I was suggesting in the post just quoted.

If you allow it as a hypothetical given that a person can indeed have true knowledge of ultimate reality, and again accepting as a hypothetical given that the reality is God (a supernatural and unevolved God), how might it be obtained? Maybe not so much by reaching in our limitedness, but as I suggested, by our being given it or by its finding us?

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From the coolness of the morning to the twilight of the moment, it’s all about epistemology and doxology.

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