TRex contemporaneous with mammals:The Creation Museum

You see them standing together here

I don’t know what the author thinks about creation and evolution and I don’ t want to judge anyone opinion …
The problem with sustaining certain positions(especially YEC) is that you have to totally reject what has been studied for centuries.
The only reason for YEC is that scientists have done throughout these centuries a huge plot to hide the truth but I honestly think that it could not be possible because a consistent part of them would have sustained YEC…
In my humble opinion the other theories such as OEC, ID are a good idea but the problem is that you cannot prove that in a certain time “a hand created something from nothing” so evolution remains the best theory.
Maybe it is not the perfect one but science works in order to improve constantly its theories and everything is questioned because the “faith truth” in science does not exist.

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The look on the bison’s face seems to say, “I’m sure glad he is a vegetarian.”

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Clearly this was pre-Fall.


T-rex needs all those teeth for the apples and carrots he lives on.

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