Tracking Personal Information on Social Networks and Conspiracy Theories

If you say so. I think it’s clearly a abuse of how user agreements work and realistic expectations on what someone can control. Now we will see a continue growth of militant idiots. Already where I live these random groups of people that chatted online where the majority never did anything violent or said anything crazy are meeting up in person. Traffic was blocked this morning as 200 people met up in person because of what they perceived as cyber bullying.

But maybes that’s for the best. To mass censor. It seems like a online beginning of a particular dictator rising up blaming entire groups and people for the actions of a few.

I am looking forward to how it evolves though. Not as in happy about it, but really curious how it will turn into whatever crappy thing it’s turning into.

But I do hope that things will work itself out instead of causing more and more extremists on both sides. I think monopolization is what’s going to start happening resulting in biased internet platforms. Where you’ll have two very different internet’s creating echo chambers over time instead of the focus being on pin pointing the individuals.

Parler had like 10,000,000 users and the majority are now screwed over. There was probably better ways to help clean it up. It’s reminding me of how trump went on that tiktoc or whatever it was rant.

But hey God says everything works out for the better and so hopefully , in a few years, most of this extremist stupidity on all sides will level out.

More insight into Amazon’s decision to deplatform Parler. Theoretically, if they could get their act together and figure out how to keep violent terrorist content under control, they could get their servers back. The article has the examples that Amazon gave to Parler saying that they needed to do a better job. I’m worried about anyone who thinks it’s some terrible censorship or violation of free speech or privacy to push for the removal of that kind of stuff.


So 26k comments out of 10,000,000 users? Imagine if Amazon and others dropped rap music for singing about gang violence and dropped pandora for not censoring out that kind of music and so on.

That’s why no matter how they try to spin it, it’s nothing more than political authoritarian abuse of power.

The majority of the 10 million users never said anything. It’s turning into a monopoly of smaller companies that won’t be able to handle it.

Same as if there was even 10,000 users in here and 100 said crappy things out of billions of comments.

No doubt their lawyers advised taking action or they would be subject to civil and possibly criminal damages if not enforced. Money talks. As does fear of punishment. Again, as you say, capitalism at work.


I’m worried about people who can’t see the clear abuse taking place where smaller platforms that simply can’t keep up with billions of comments , let alone several thousands mixed in by a handful of posters where the other 99% is not doing anything crazy.

The problem is not in taking issue with the comments. The problem is that they don’t censor the same ridiculous types of comments throughout all kinds of other platforms, and are mass punishing the overwhelming majority of civilized decent comments over a very small fraction.

Know how many violent comments I see on BLM groups towards killing police on Facebook that stays standing for weeks before being removed where the same people just create another profile and say crap.

So you would be okay if the water you were drinking was 2.6 parts per thousand of a fatal toxin? I didn’t click the link above to glance at anything, but it’s a safe presumption that it includes death threats and worse - the usual brainless and dangerous drivel that passes between delusional extremists and conspiracy enthusiasts these days.

I can just hear your local municipality’s response to your complaint about the fatal drinking water … “hey - that’s over 99% good clean water we’re managing to get into your faucets. Lighten up!”

Heck they should raise the rate with results that good.

Would I drink water like that? No.

That’s also an obviously ridiculous comparison.

Would I still support BioLogos of 100,000 people joined and 1% posted stupid stuff snd y’all struggled with keeping up with it and relied heavily on us reporting it. Yes.

So if 1% of BLM protestors said similar things about killing cops would you also say they need to be shut down? Or would we gloss over it?

Has more than 1% of Christianity supported slavery and killing gays throughout its history?

I’m not going to worry responding after this edit. It’s clear that there is a completely different set of ethics at okay. I will never be ok with the mindset of some of the others in here. It can’t be harmonized or found in a middle ground. So for me , and for peace, I don’t see any point in me trying to discuss it. It’s a “not seeing eye to eye” issue.

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Well, for what it’s worth, I’ve moved to Signal, as it has end-to-end encryption, enabled me to have truly private conversations with friends, no hacker issues, no ISP saving of all that I say, and no misunderstanding of my words should I ever be part of a sting – although I’m not a comspiracy person and I have never even had a ticket. I use to run servers, though. I started in 1991. What I could see then versus now has changed. But even Parler – which is a separate topic but had a majority of easy going conservatives, not just wackos on it – had all of its data scraped by a fellow online who has saved it online. Also, anything anybody posted on Parler (or FB etc) for that matter is on the AWS servers and is being read. On one hand, that’s good that we can pinpoint evil folks. On the other hand, we need to be aware that what I write and how others interpret it goes through our mental filters of bias confirmation, values, mores and beliefs. Along the way, words said in jest, sarcasm, or otherwise can be taken seriously and end up causing reputation damage if not criminal penalties.

That’s already happened. There are people now who are on the No Fly list who attended the rally but because of location, they didn’t even know that a breech of the capitol was occuring. I’ve seen their tears. I’ve seen them shaking at being called terrorists when they were sitting on the grass, doing their listening and hooting and then going home. One was woken from a nap. Another was a journalist with white house credentials who was recording the event from above – and was ignored by white house police who knew him but not by others who now have him also on the no fly list. In all cases, now every email, text message, post they have sent is being inspected.

Sooooo, anyone, just the addition of another perspective. I’m techie, do dev work on a daily basis and I’m taking precautions. I work on the front end but I get deep into the back end. The issues exceed law enforcement inspection.

Telegram has end to end encryption also but enables group chatter with strangers. Signal is chatter with known friends.

If the Biologos forum (or moderators) ever allowed posts to stand that invited violence and insurrection against our nation … then YES - I should expect our forum here to get shut down. People who want to foment violent revolution have to face consequences for their actions. If you don’t like facing such consequences - if they don’t like various platforms preventing themselves from being used to plot highly illegal and immoral things, then … here’s a thought … Don’t foment violent insurrection against governing authorities! Just sayin. Do the math. This isn’t difficult to understand.


No one here is supporting those people. No one anywhere except for the very small percent that did. If what they did or said is not what’s being debated.

What’s being disagreed with is mass punishment shutting down almost 10,000,000 users, that are almost all abiding by decency , over a very small group of a few thousand. What’s being disagreed with is how to handle that. How do you punish 100% over 1%.

Almost no one from any platform is supporting talking about raping and murdering people. The majority of republicans don’t support it. The majority of democrats don’t support it.

Im just pointing out the fact that what’s happening is political agendas are taking advantage , and isolating it, to just target one group in it’s entirety for a insignificant amount.

It’s like saying the entire Catholic Church is evil and should be silenced , every member because of a few perverts in their ranks.

We can tell it’s an attack on a specific group in it’s entirety because we see other equally crappy things happening with other groups and platforms.

Such as the example I keep using of BLM.

A small , very small, amount of BLM protestors have burned down buildings and cars. People have been attacked over it. We see Facebook posts by rscist members talking about race wars, black Hebrew nationalist movements on superiority, and war speech.

But almost every sane person knows that’s not a reflection of BLM. You majority are not racist violent people trying to kill cops and burn down buildings. Only delusional people believe it’s a reflection of BLM.

Same as how only a delusional person would say West Borro ( or however it’s spelled ) Baptist church is a reflection of Christianity.

This one will be my last post. Just wanted to clarify that no one, not the majority of people who used the sites that were banned, supported the very very small amount of hate speech.

If you believe that 1 out of a 100 people posting bad things should mean the end of BioLogos then that’s your stance. Let’s hope thousands of people don’t join and out of millions of posts a few are crappy.

Let’s also hope that for fairness, google and others enforces the same regulations to all platforms. Such as iTunes. ITunes has a lot of music that talks about gang violence, drugs, and ect… and lots of podcasts are by people who vomit out the same stuff as Trump did.

Maybe BioLogos will stop sharing content to iTunes for the same reasons being expressed by individuals here that believe a small proration outweighed the majority. I hope not. I’m not actually even worried about google or apple getting rid of iTunes despite it being the exactly same situation because everyone knows that’s not what it’s actually about.

It’s not punishing the users, it’s punishing the company. And a free market says if you are mad about that as a user, you should take yourself over to a company that can uphold its contracts and maintain the services it promised. You seem fundamentally confused about who is being regulated by the Amazon decision. Parler is being regulated for contract violation, not the users. Pick a better company to give your business to.


Nope…never had that experience…

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