Top Ten Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of 2022

Archaeologist Robert Cargill presents:

Top Ten Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of 2022

Number 1 was impressive but I also liked the lice comb!


Summary with timestamps:

  • 10 (0:35): A rare ancient bullet discovered in central Israel. (A projectile used in slings.)
  • 9 (1:15): A cache of Byzantine gold coins discovered in Banias, Golan Heights.
  • 8 (2:00): A Gaza farmer finds a Byzantine mosaic while planting a tree.
  • 7 (2:37): Two dozen first century bronze Roman statues discovered in Tuscany.
  • 6 (3:28): A rare Roman mosaic found in Rastan, Syria.
  • 5 (4:18): A mosaic appealing to the apostle Peter discovered at El-Araj, Israel.
  • 4 (5:03): Archaeologists in Iraq discover neo-Assyrian reliefs unseen for millennia.
  • 3 (5:56): An almost perfectly preserved 9000 year old hunting shrine discovered in Jordanian desert.
  • 2 (6:48): Israeli archaeologists find the earliest complete sentence written in Canaanite—on a lice comb.
  • 1 (7:51): Luxury ivory inlay panels mentioned in the Bible found in Jerusalem.

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