Top 5 Dinosaur Books for Kids

The Dino Dad shares some of his favorite dinosaur books for kids that are both informative and fun!

Andrew grew up YEC, so he had a lot of catching up to do when it came to dinosaur books as he got older!


I love it! Thank you… I’ve been following him on Instagram for a little while now. I share the feeling of needing to play “catch up” on any topic remotely related to dinosaurs, because most of what I learned as a kid was YEC. But it can be fun to feel like a kid again. We got “When Bugs Were Big” at our library recently and it was fascinating.

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I saw this post on IG! I need to look the books up and see if I can snag at the library! The books looked so great!

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Yay! Hope you can find some near you! I love ABC books and want to get that one!

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