Top 5 Dinosaur Books for Kids

The Dino Dad shares some of his favorite dinosaur books for kids that are both informative and fun!

Andrew grew up YEC, so he had a lot of catching up to do when it came to dinosaur books as he got older!


I love it! Thank you… I’ve been following him on Instagram for a little while now. I share the feeling of needing to play “catch up” on any topic remotely related to dinosaurs, because most of what I learned as a kid was YEC. But it can be fun to feel like a kid again. We got “When Bugs Were Big” at our library recently and it was fascinating.

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I saw this post on IG! I need to look the books up and see if I can snag at the library! The books looked so great!

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Yay! Hope you can find some near you! I love ABC books and want to get that one!

So glad for this article! My son LOVES dinosaurs and space, so these will be some books I’ll have to keep in mind!


Awesome! We should do a roundup of space books next! I just checked this one out at the library and it is cute:

Lots of facts, but also told through the lens of Pluto finding out he’s no longer a planet.


Icarus at the Edge of Time is quite awesome, by the physicist Brian Greene. It’s not your typical kiddie book–it covers such topics as time travel and black holes. It has spectacular pictures from the Hubble space telescope.

It’s also a performance piece with music by Philip Glass that is performed at the World Science Festival.


Still the best pickup line ever.

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Not a book, but I watched Dino Dana with my 6 year old granddaughter, and it was amazingly good. Pretty good on the science front, except for one episode that had Mammoths and a T. Rex fighting, but fun and entertaining. On Amazon Prime.

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I keep seeing that show pop up on Amazon Prime… I should try and convince my kids to give it a try!

It gets high marks for putting a girl in the main role of being a scientist, as well as being multi-cultural. And you learn a lot about dinosaurs!

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