Tips/suggestions for bible studying?

Anyone have any suggestion for Bible study tools and places, that are easy/simple to understand and learn? I’ve always been pressured to study the Bible more and just open and read it, but when I do, it’s extremely hard to remain interested and not procrastinate. I’d like to find one that teaches it in a simple to understand way while still being efficient in learning and interesting enough to remain focused on. Any suggestions?
(If needed, ask me to specify more)

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They also have visual commentaries. Check out this one on Genesis 1:

Maybe watching the Chosen will pique your interest. They imagine backstories for a lot of the scenes in the Gospels and really emphasize the humanity of the characters. I am a liberal Christian who thinks the background assumptions of the director of the Chosen are very wrong in many areas but I still love the show. I cry almost every episode–in a good way.



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