This Week in Creation: Spider Web DNA, Cancer-Fighting Algae, and Relativity at 100

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@Mahala and Chris,

It is interesting and perhaps sad that nothing is really said about the philosophical/theological aspect of Einstein’s Theory. It is understood that he proved that time and space are relational, not relative, rather than absolute as Newton thought.

If time and space were absolute, then there would be no Beginning, because time and space would be eternal. However since time and space are relational and dependent upon matter/energy, there must be a Beginning when everything was created ex nihilo. Thus Einstein one hundred years ago gave us the scientific basis for the Beginning and the Big Bang of the science of our day.

The relational universe of Einstein destroyed the absolutes of philosophy and was misconstrued as relativism by liberals. Theology has failed to accept this gift from God to use to build a new Trinitarian theology and philosophy as the foundation for human understanding, thus leaving us swinging in the wind of confusion arguing about evolution…

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