Them's Fightin' Words....In The First Grade

Pax Christi everybody!

In your opinion, which Paleozoic animal is the best and why?

Hallucigenia. Because hey man.


The ones I can spell. :slight_smile:


The endoceratid nautiloids and pterygotid eurypterids are my favorite ones for marine invertebrates.
For marine vertebrates, probably Helicoprion.
Terrestrial invertebrates: probably Arthropleura or Meganeuropsis.
Terrestrial vertebrates: Rubidgea or Dimetrodon.

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Good trippy choice! I mean, which end is the head?

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The eurypterids were the best! All good choices!
Speaking of which…
Something funny I just recently learned was that the megarachne was one, which makes that one scene from Walking With Monsters super awkward!

My favourite is the Proterozoic Ediacaran Charnia. Like Thomas Farnolls Pritchard’s 1779 Iron Bridge, which looks like a stone bridge made of iron, nature had no idea what shape animals could have, so it made them look like plants.

I could have taken the picture[s] myself.

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I know. We were aware of Megarachne being a eurypterid prior to seeing the episode.

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