The Year of the Bible

This is a short article by Pete Enns discussing how 2020 has been called “The year of the Bible” by several evangelical associations. I hadn’t realized that, and he agrees that a greater degree of biblical literacy is good and important. But he also wonders what is involved in the idea of “going back to the Bible.” I share his worry that comments like these might be viewed as cynical, but for me that phrase can call things to mind like trying to read the Bible in a more “literal” fashion and “take it more seriously” with little regard for how our readings of scripture would differ from those of the people groups it was written to.

Anyway, I’d be interested in thoughts on this and what “going back to the Bible” could/should look like for you and yours.


Thanks for the link! Year of the Bible indeed … I hadn’t heard either, and I teach at a Christian school.

I do like Enns’ suggestions for positive biblical engagement. Well-stated! Not sure I would say anything differently.

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I always am a little wary when I cannot easily see who is behind things, and wish organizations would be more transparent with their programs, but ultimately it appears that this is promoted by the good folks at the Table Coalition, which was formerly Mission America Coalition, with roots back to Billy Graham and Bill Bright.
In any case, looks like a good program, but destined to fade in the background with all the competing voices.
As to what "going back to the Bible " looks like, for me it means looking at it with fresh eyes and an open heart. I got a copy of Wright’s massive volume of “The New Testament in its World” for Christmas, and just got through the intro, but look forward to reading through it and seeing the Bible from a different perspective.

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That’s a good point – it’s easy to get caught up on the different labels that we give to perspectives, but sometimes just looking at it in a different way valuable even if it’s a view that you’re not 100% aligned with. I hope to read something by Wright soon.

Having gone to church for some 60 years, I have pretty heard the usual things many times over. They are often worth repeating, but I was thinking while a a recent men’s bible study that all the comments pretty much repeated the same cliches I have heard over and over. Sort of like when the sports reporter asks the coach how his team did after a big game. So, I need to be more receptive to what the Spirit reveals through scripture, I suppose.

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