The Webb Telescope and God’s Evolving Universe

From ancient civilizations to modern scientists and everyone in between, we all share a desire to understand where we as humans came from and what our place is in the universe. What might the Webb Telescope reveal to us about these big questions?


Just a suggestion: More glory goes to God when we break the evolution that occurred from the Big bang to us into its three logical stages: cosmological evolution, chemical evolution, and biological evolution. Each of these three entailed unique requirements that demanded ingenious but interdependent solutions. By identifying each separately, we acknowledge more clearly the complexity and wonder of the task God accomplished.


Let be bring an acknowledged scientific opinion here please.
Big bang is a starting point that is accepted by scientific society in order to have a starting point for the universe as an evolving physical system. It is needed to describe the state of the system, formulate it’s laws, that would describe the system in any point of space and time.

What is beyond of our observance and theories is beyond science.
Greatest scientists of our times let it suggest God as well.


What an insightful thought. Thanks for sharing

All it does is confirm what we already know. That our place is commonplace. Including our place the universe.

Welcome! (Sorry for the unwelcome shown just above. Don’t mind Klax – he has some ideas that he presumes are infallible.)

Welcome! I see where things are going well with the Webb, good news!

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