The Unknown History of Earth and Humanity, Part 4

2.5 Implications.

Every crust-shift was so severe that the whole existing human civilization was completely erased. A small shift left a few dozen small groups of survivors alive, a large shift left only one small group of survivors alive. In both cases the shift lasted some 20 days. Why? Because the size of the shift was determined by the quantity of unbalance in the crust. If the unbalance was larger, then the forces were stronger. Then the shift is larger, but the stronger forces increase the speed of the shift, resulting in the same duration.
I presume that there was rain during those days, supplying drinking water. Food was a more serious problem. Nobody starts climbing a mountain with three weeks food supply on hid back.
The Canadian destruction was a small one. It came after 35 millennia building up the forces that caused the destruction and left according to the results of prof. Sykes 33 small groups alive. The European destruction left only one group alive and must therefore have been more disastrous, which is logical as it had 90 millennia to build up tension.
The Yukon destruction left also one single group alive and must therefore also have had a similar long period to build up. Therefore the destruction before the Yukon destruction must have occurred somewhere between 220 and 250 millennia BD. The civilization before the Canadian destruction is known as “mythical” Atlantis and the legends about it indicate that they had reached the level that we had just before the Industrial Revolution. The two previous civilizations left a large CO2-footprint and lasted so many millennia more, that we have to accept that they went into space and that humans survived there.
I use the name “Spacers” for them. Both civilizations might have produced a batch of Spacers, but much older previous civilizations may also have produced a batch of Spacers. Because evolution is a very slow process, the oldest batch of Spacers might even be much older than one million years.
One should understand that a DNA mutation starts with a single person, that it has to be dominant
and that it has to be passed on to the rest of humanity by producing descendants. So it will take many millennia to spread out to the whole population of Earth.
I presume that the “sons of the gods”, that are mentioned in Genesis 8, were Spacers, who came to Earth for a holiday, fresh food and women.

2.6. Geological phenomena explained by the crust-shift hypothesis.
1.The cause of the movements of the magnetic poles and the axis of the Earth in relation to the crust of the Earth, but please keep in mind that it is the crust that moves. The geologists call it a “pole shift”, but in fact it is not a pole shift but a crust-shift.
2. The cause of the beginning and ending of ice ages.
3. The cause of the precession of the axis of the Earth as any sliding of the crust causes also a push against the axis of the Earth.
4. The cause why everywhere on Earth the layers in the ground are curved and sometimes even folded.
5. The cause why at some places the land was split and a deep ravine was formed. A typical example is Loch Ness in Scotland.
6. The cause why fossils of tropical plants are found in Siberia and even at the North and South Pole.
7. The cause why many volcanoes completely stopped working forever: their chimney was closed by the compression and folding of the crust.
8. I remember a documentary on NGC, where a geologist exclaimed “Valleys filled up! Why? How?” The answer is obvious: when the flood lost its momentum, the stones and mud that had been carried, started to sink.
9. The cause why limestone deposits are generally layered. After each destructive flood the water that flowed back into the oceans was loaded with sand, clay, loam and dust. Once the turbulence in the water ended, those materials settled down on the bottom of the oceans, causing a thin layer that separated the new deposits from the older layer. The differences in thickness of the limestone layers are caused by the variations in time between the various subsequent floods and by the variations in temperature in case the old layer was moved to a different climate zone.
10. The formation of mountains. The geologists believe that the Himalaya mountains are formed because India broke loose from South Africa and floated North until it collided with China. Those two areas of land were already side by side and the crust was situated in a position that the boundary between those areas was not east-west like it is today, but north-south. Then a crust-shift started moving that region to one of the two poles. A compression followed and the whole Himalayan mountain range was formed in no more than three weeks.
11. Last but not least: An article by prof. Rob S. Coe in Nature about a extreme fast change of the direction of the magnetic field. A comment stated that is was comparable with a movement of the magnetic North Pole from its present location to Mexico City and that the speed was some 3° per day. Please note the 3° per day means 1° per 8 hours, which is not far from my estimate of some 20 km/h. This article also shows how difficult is is to make a mental switch to a different paradigm, from pole ■■■■ to crust shift. Prof. Coe knows that the magnetic field is the result of a process inside our Earth, and he should have realized that the inside of our Earth is a far more larger flywheel than the crust.

2.7. Other phenomena explained by the above hypothesis.

  1. The extinction of many species in Europe. The large quantity of vegetarian animals kept the land free of trees. Few of them survived the flood and the land was covered with trees before they had produced enough offspring to keep the land again relatively free of trees. The carnivores lived there in much smaller numbers and the very few that survived got extinct because they never found mating partners.

  2. The frozen, standing mammoths in Siberia. Those animals are at least two month walking from the nearest place where liquid water is available, and because there are of the elephant race, they need daily a large quantity of water. Eating snow is no option as it would kill them by under-cooling. They are also at least two month walking from the nearest place where food is available. And yet they have a mouth and a stomach full of fresh food that cannot grow there. They are in a permafrost area for which they are not equipped. Animals that can live in a permafrost area have either a thick white pelt and a thick layer of fat below that pelt, or they have only a thick layer of fat, but are protected against the severest cold by living in water. Mammoths have neither. In short, they are impossible and cannot exist there. That is the reason why they are dead and frozen. It is also totally unimaginable to me why nobody has noticed this before. What has happened is the following: When the crust started moving, it started with a series of earthquakes. Those earthquakes frightened the mammoths to the level that they stopped chewing and clenched their jaws due to their fear and also their intestines stopped digesting the food they had already swallowed. That is a normal survival
    reflex. Siberia moved some 2,500 km north, moving the mammoths from a moderate climate to a permafrost area. Those animals must have been very scared by the continuous series of earthquakes. Their legs froze first in the colder and colder wind, keeping them upright by the time their hearts stopped when their body temperature became too low. The wind was blowing at enormous speed from East to West and I expect that they did the same what horses do during bad weather: turning their tail toward the wind. The young ones were probably blown away. This should be verified. If it turns out that all found mammoths were standing looking west and the young ones are separated from the herd, then we have another piece of evidence supporting the above theory. Please note that the mammoths in Siberia were not drowned and swept away like the animals in Europe. The reason why is obvious: the tsunami was as forceful as elsewhere on Earth, but it did run parallel to the coast of Siberia and left the land untouched.

  3. Missing signs of previous civilizations. The floods moving forward over the continents and islands at speeds well over 300 km/h, washed the surface clean and left almost no traces of human existence. Also large quantities of fossils were washed away, reason why almost nothing has been found of the people that must have lived then and there. The idea of
    large movements of the crust of the Earth is so far outside the paradigm and the imagination of almost everyone, that nobody ever started looking for traces, and those who came across such traces, did either overlook them or did not recognize them as such. There have been a few people who were on the right track to find eventually the above theory, but they were labeled “pseudo-scientific”, forced out of their jobs and publicly shamed. But there are two building activities that have survived the flood. First, there are the so-called Cyclope cities at several locations in Europe. Those were probably military strongholds. Second, there is Göbekli Tepe in East-Turkije. Go to and search for “12,000 years old unexplained structure”.

  4. The successive crust-sifts must have caused an improvement of the mental attitude of Homo Sapience. Time and again almost everybody was killed with the exception of a few people, who happened to be in a fortunate position and also had initiative, were inventive, had a strong will to survive, a lot of self-discipline and were refusing to give up.

  5. It fits with the research on mitochondrial DNA and with the research on the Y-chromosome. The shifting of the crust of the Earth, some 150 millennia ago, fits perfectly with the start of the formation of the ice layer on Greenland and with the “Root” found by Prof. Bryan Sykes. The shifting of the crust of the Earth some 60 millennia ago fits perfectly with the
    estimated 60 millennia of the research on the Y-chromosome and the text about Adam and Eve in Genesis 3 in the Bible. The flood resulting from this crust shift also washed over the ice layer on Greenland, reason why the ice deposits of several thousands years are missing.
    But one should keep in mind that two devastating events have occurred during that period. One was a crust shift, the other was the eruption of super-volcano Toba on Sumatra. The eruption of Toba is dated at 72 millennia BD. I presume that the flood caused by the European destruction washed all traces of the Toba eruption from the Greenland ice sheet. The shifting of the crust of the Earth some 15 millennia BD fits perfectly with the tale about Noah in the Bible.

  6. It fits also with the legends about a enormous, devastating flood, that are known everywhere on Earth.

  7. It fits with the legends about Atlantis. Atlantis was probably an empire like the Maya, Roman, Chinese or Japanese empires of our era. According to French scientists Atlantis was situated in the ocean in front of Gibraltar. On that place is still a sandbank that was well above sea level during the last ice age. The island must have been much larger than the
    present sandbank, but that is logical, the flood must have washed away large quantities of sand. In addition, it is possible that the movement of the crust in southern direction has stretched the region there, resulting in a lowering of the level of the crust in the same way the Mississippi valley has been lowered.

  8. The reverse might have happened in Denmark, that seems to have been pushed up. There are along the present coast the so-called “kökkenmödden”, enormous quantities of all kinds of shells and some bones, remains of many millennia feeding of the local population. They must have been immediately next to the sea, at a time that the sea level was more than 100 m lower. But these “kökkenmödden” may also be much older.

  9. It explains the inbreeding of cheetahs. Cheetahs have been found extremely high in mountain ranges and just a few must have survived the flood there.

  10. In California is an oil lake in which prehistoric, tropical animals are trapped and drowned. During the European ice age the south of the USA was situated within the tropical region.

  11. It fits with a documentary, titled “Extinct, the Irish Elk”, by Tom Hayden. There are many fossils of these animals in sediments older than 15,000 years. On this older sediments is a new layer without fossils, and on that new layer are more new sediments with very few fossils of the Irish elk and none older than 9 millennia. The males of these animal had antlers sized four meters wide. The sediment without fossils fits perfectly with a flood that washed away an existing top layer and deposits a sandy layer picked up from the bottom of the sea. The large quantity of grazers must have kept large parts of Europe almost free of trees. The drowning of those large herds permitted the growth of trees. And the new grown forests limited the elk with his antlers to hide and eventually flee for hunters. And that made them extinct.

  12. In the Caribbean area there are so-called blue holes. Deep round pits in the sea. In some of them stalactites and stalagmites have been found, which should be exactly vertical, but they deviate at a small but distinct angle from being vertical. They are now below sea level, but could only be formed when they were above sea level. And that was during the last or an older ice age. And the moving of the crust that finished the that or a later ice age may have tilted the local area.

  13. There are the deposits and the traces of severe floods after the last ice age in North America. At one place the deposits of some twenty-five subsequent floods were found, apparently deposited by yearly summer flooding by water from the melting ice of the previous polar icecap. Also there are there Scablands near the former Lake Missoula, where one giant flood washed out a whole area and turned it into the desolate situation still existing there.

  14. Connections with other sciences.

3.1. Prehistory.
Archaeologists believe that prehistoric people lived in caves. This a serious misunderstanding. It is obvious that the flood washed the continents almost completely clean from traces of human civilization, but left the caves almost untouched. In caves they found artifacts and wall paintings, which caused them to believe that prehistoric man lived in caves. But caves are completely unsuitable for living because they are cold and wet. And anyone who tries to improve the situation by making a fire, is suffocated by smoke. Without any doubt they used caves in times of danger or severe whether, but not for normal living. If there are caves, then there are also stones. You can use those stones to build a proper living. In Mediterranean countries like France they still use this method. Pile up flat stones to rather thick walls, 60 – 90 cm thick. Stuff the spaces between the stones at the surface on both sides with hay. Mix clay or loam with water to make it liquid and pour it over the middle part of the wall to fill the empty spaces in the wall and to give it strength. The modern method is to use stones for the visible areas where one wants to see the stones, use a mortar of chalk and limestone powder to give the wall strength, and use hollow bricks and mineral wool at the inside to keep the cold outside.
A tribe could decide to build a large community house and start with a large cellar below it: make a long half cylinder of sand, 20 m or more long, 6 m wide, 3 m high; place flat stones layer upon layer around it; fill the spaces between the stones with clay or loam; dig out the sand and you have a tunnel; build walls at both end of that tunnel; build a large house on top of the tunnel and make a entrance from the house to the tunnel. Now you have a dry and warm house, out of reach from dangerous animals and you can store food and wood under it for winter.
Also the size if the populations and their way of living has been severely underestimated. All good fist axes found in Europe originated from a single flint mine in Dutch Limburg and all good long flint knives originate from a single flint mine near French Perigeux. Which means that there was a trade system and people were traveling all over Europe, exchanging goods and information. Something similar must have happened on the other continents and there must have been trade between the continents, even recently: traces of cocaine have been found in Egyptian mummies.

3.2. Religion, the Bible.
A disadvantage of the Bible are the differences between the various translations. Personally I would appreciate a more uniform translation, but I guess that is asking too much.
The Bible is primarily an instruction book how to behave to God and to people, and how to have a relation with God.
The Bible contains also some historical and geographical information, but it is not a history book.
Many atheists ridicule the Bible and those who believe what is written in the Bible. They ignore or are unaware of the importance and influence of the Bible on our daily life. The oldest parts of the Bible were written for Stone Age people to bring religion and civilization. It is the instruction “Love your neighbor and even your worst enemy” that has caused a drastic reduction of violence. And people and states are tending more and more to seek peaceful and amiable solutions instead of war and fighting. The millennia long Jewish – Christian tradition has brought the western world the present development of science and economy.
There are in the Bible a few items which make me wonder. Those items have nothing to do with religion and relation to God. Those items are:
Genesis. The description of the creation of the universe, the Earth, life on Earth, and so on. Remarkably, Genesis 1.2 describes Earth the way I did above: completely covered with a world wide ocean.
Contrary to the Creationists I believe in evolution.
According to the Bible the Flood was caused by 40 days of continuous raining until even the highest mountain was under water. Well, 40 days is almost 1000 hours and the Ararat is over 5 km high, which requires a rainfall of 5 m3 each hour during 40 days all over the whole Earth, otherwise the water would flow faster back to the sea than it could rain down. This means that the flood could not be caused by rain. Even a low hill cannot be put under water unless the water level is raised everywhere on Earth. It has to be an extraordinary big tsunami. I presume that the story of the
creation in six days and the story about the flood are poetical adjustments to the knowledge level of Stone Age people.
I presume that Noah was the captain of a large ship, transporting domestic animals. And the super tsunami beached him on the slope of the Ararat. He could originate from any continent and have been washed over several other continents or maybe have circled the Earth several times before he got beached.

The Tower of Babel.
At school they told me that God punished those people for their arrogance by creating different languages like Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and so on, and letting them speak those languages, so they could no longer understand each other.
I did not believe it then and I know better now. Speaking different languages means also “being unable to come to a common opinion”. And it lasted many decades before I realized about what they did have a difference of opinion.
I presume that they had contact with Spacers and wanted to go to the place where those Spacers lived and take some of their wealth. Unaware of what they would be facing, low air pressure, low temperature, vacuum, extreme height, they got problems: long before the tower was a few hundred meters high, because the walls crumbled under their own weight. Today builders have a nice set of mathematics, known as “the Circle of Mohr”, to calculate such things, but then they had no mathematics and could not come to an agreement about the cause of the crumbling of the walls, nor about how to prevent the crumbling. The failure of their project may have destabilized their society.

The motivation of the flood.
According to the Bible God created the flood as a punishment for the behavior of the “sons of the gods”, who were so successful with the women on Earth. Who were those sons of the gods? I’m unable to imagine that weird little green men would have been successful. So my guess is that these sons of the gods were Spacers. People who came down from the sky, the place where God was supposed to live. It also sounds like the reaction of the English young men on the invasion of American soldiers in England prior to D-day: “Overpaid, oversexed and over here”.

The way the prophet Elia left Earth.
When the prophet Elia left Earth, he and his valet went into the desert and there they came to a fiery vehicle, drawn by fiery horses. His valet was separated from him by clouds and he left to the sky in a thunder storm. I guess that Elia was a Spacer, send to the Israelis as a missionary. And after he had done what he had to do, he was withdrawn and he left Earth in a VTOL spacecraft. The clouds were probably caused by the liquid oxygen and hydrogen. The storm was caused by the exhaust gases and the thunder by the noise of the rockets.

  1. Proposed research.
    My story and ideas will have to be considered and checked by experts.
    In addition I propose the following research.

4.1. Dating the crust-shifts.
The Yukon destruction occurred 150,000 BD and resulted in the start of the formation of the ice on Greenland. There has been done extensive research on this ice. The number of years is counted. The average temperature on Earth in each year has been measured by means of the O-16 method. And the quantity of volcanic dust has been measured for each year.
The European destruction must have washed away several thousands year-layers ice. Therefore the Yukon destruction cannot be dated by the total number of year-layers in the ice. But it was a severe destruction, so it is to be expected that it started with a large quantity of volcanic dust and a sudden drop of temperature of at least 10°C below average. My estimate is that it lasted some 50 years or more before the temperature was back to the average value. The oldest layers should show this.
The European destruction was also severe and should have the same characteristics. There has also been the Toba eruption, which might have been some ten millennia earlier than the European destruction and may have left no signs because those layers have been washed away.
The Canadian destruction was less severe. That means that the sudden drop of temperature was some 30 to 50% lower and that it lasted only some 30 years to return to average temperature. Of this last destruction we can date the season by examining the content of the stomachs of the mammoths or the plants under the Siberian ice layer. I see no possibility to determine the exact date in that year. Because the mammoths that have been found had a full stomach, it must have been afternoon in Siberia when the destruction started.

4.2. Finding Ötzki and Ötzkigrad.
A few years ago an iceman, they called him Ötzi, was found near the Austrian – Italian border and that caused an enormous excitement in the scientific world because never before a such old and good preserved human body had been found. We have the possibility to find several settlements with lots of bodies that are more than ten thousand years older.
The present permafrost area in Siberia was once comparable with the North American planes as they were before Columbus. Large herds of vegetarian animals and a few human settlements. None of the humans and the animals had any chance to survive the Canadian destruction there. The continuous earthquakes made it impossible to travel fast enough south, even if they knew what was happening to them. In addition the extremely strong and cold wind made traveling impossible. They were all frozen and died due to under-cooling.
How to find them? Two Dutch scientists invented a nice piece of equipment that looks into the ground. It is called a “groundtracer”. Put a few of these groundtracers side by side behind a snowtractor, make it completely remote-controlled, so you can run it permanently from a warm and comfortable office and start looking for interesting things under the Siberian ice sheet. One problem is the size of the area that has to be searched. The best way might be to start with a few straight lines east-west and north-south through the whole area just to find roads or tracks and then following them in both directions to find settlements.
Once you have found a settlement, you will most likely find a map showing the locations of other settlements and maybe also a world map from that civilization. The finding of such a map or one single piece of metal will force several sciences to reconsider their basics. But more important, we will find their tools, their books, maybe their music and art. A special bonus would be the finding the remains of one or more “sons of the gods”. I presume that they were Spacers. Shooting large animals has always been attractive to most males. Therefore I presume that they would go there to shoot some mammoths. Once the crust shift started they could not be saved before the disaster was ended and by then they were already frozen, dead and covered by snow.

4.3. SETI.
If Spacers do exist, it is not unlikely that they will keep an eye on the developments on Earth. The best way to do that might be having a habitat in space, near enough to receive radio and TV channels, but far enough to stay invisible. I do not believe all those UFO stories. They are many millennia more advanced than we in stealth technology. But how could they nevertheless betray their presence?
One possibility is as follows: If one of the crew members has to do maintenance on control panels and forgets to switch of the power of a panel before opening it, it might result in emitting a signal which is received by SETI. A rather strong signal from a unknown source, for which no explanation can be found. And after a short time the maintenance worker will come to his senses and cut off the power and the signal. SETI can tell if such a signal has been received.

4.4. The Black Sea.
On the bottom of the Black Sea are remains of settlements found. The official scientific explanation is that the water level was much lower during the last Ice Age resulting in an empty and water free Bosporus. When the ice melted, the sea level started to raise, causing a slow but steady raising of the water level in the Black Sea.
My version of the story is that the Black Sea was also hit by the Flood, but not as severe as elsewhere because the water of the Mediterranean Sea was braked by Greece and did not result in washing away all traces of human existence. It seems sensible to have another look at these settlements.
The region from Pakistan to Vietnam moved from south of the equator to north of the equator. That implies that the water and air currents have been moderate. Therefore it might be possible that town and settlements have survived the flood but were inundated permanently afterward, when the ice on Canada melted and the sea level increased some 120 m.

4.5. The Moon.
If humanity has gone to space in the past, then they will have also settled on the Moon. It seems sensible to me to start looking for traces of these settlements, which will presumably be underground.

4.6. The Canadian oil sands.
It seems very likely that during the ninety millennia of the European Ice Age a advanced civilization has existed. A civilization that needed energy and drilled oil. If they drilled oil in Canada, then the crust-shift that ended the European Ice Age must have destroyed their equipment, causing massive leakage of oil, resulting in the present oilsands. The ice of the Canadian Ice Age covered the area and when that Ice Age ended the lighter components could evaporate, leaving the heavier components behind. It seems sensible to start looking for signs of previous drilling.

4.7. Addressing the Spacers.
We can send messages into space, saying “Look, we know you are there. Lets make contact.”.

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