The Unknown History of Earth and Humanity, Part 3

(Jan De Boer) #1
  1. The population of planet Earth.

2.1. Population growth.
Somalia, a refugee camp, a reporter explaining the situation: No safe drinking water, food supply erratic, no medical care, every third or fourth pregnancy is a death sentence for the expecting mother, horrible child mortality. In addition to that, a daily risk of being attacked by raiders and rapists. This sounds not only like Stone Age conditions, it are the conditions that do exist during Stone Ages, with predators instead of raiders and rapists.
Obviously there is population growth under such conditions. We would not exist if there had been no population growth under such conditions. Lets remain on the safe side and presume that it takes a whole millennium to double the population under such conditions. Three millennia to grow to eightfold, ten millennia to grow to thousandfold, twenty millennia to grow to millionfold, thirty millennia to grow to billionfold. Somewhere during these millennia agriculture will be invented, which improves the food supply and increases the population growth. Inventing hygienic conditions will improve health and average life time, reducing at the same time child mortality and also increasing population growth. Inventing medical care results in exploding the population to billions, which has occurred on Earth during the last two centuries.
A man named Moses wrote the first parts of the Bible and, very remarkably, he included a large number of rules concerning what was allowed as food and what was not allowed as food, how to prepare food, how to clean and what to clean, and so on. Read the book “Modern Science in the Bible” by Ben Hobrink, a biologist, for all the details. The rules are effective: in the past the Jewish people did live longer, suffered less diseases, had a lower child mortality and lost far less members than non-Jewish people. Specially during epidemics.
How could Stone Age man Moses have known this millennia before people like Semmelweiss and Pasteur?
The present human population on Earth did grow from less than one thousand people, - I will explain this number later -, in no more than 15 millennia to 7 billion people and needed only 5 millennia to develop from Stone Age to collecting stones on the Moon.
Homo Sapience exists in its present form more than 500 millennia, probably even more than one million years, as intelligent and sophisticated as we are. So, what have our ancestors been doing all these millennia? How could there be a Stone Age some 15 millennia ago???
Scientists have estimated that some 70 billion people have existed so far.
It is my considered opinion that this number is completely incorrect. My estimate is as follows: One million years is equal to 10,000 centuries of human life, average lifetime 80 – 100 years, four generations per century, average 2.5 billion people per generation results in a total population of just under ten billion people per century and a total of one hundred
trillion people during the last million years.
Earth can easily afford a population of ten billion people. That number is no problem at all if we stop wasting time, energy and money on war and bureaucrats. Instead we should convert sometwenty to thirty million square kilometers desert land into forest and agriculture area.
So, what did happen to those trillions humans that must have lived in the past? Did they go to the stars? What killed them and their civilizations? Why has almost no trace at all been found of them?

2.2. Periodical destruction.
Periodical destruction of a planet, killing almost the whole population, was a favorite subject among SF writers during the last half of the twentieth century. Remarkably only one SF writer wrote such a story about the Earth, Jules Verne, a century earlier. His very depressing story, “Eternal Adam”, was also correct about the main cause of death, namely death by drowning and the repeating nature of this event. He was wrong about the cause of the floods and had no idea at all of their violent nature.
The key to the disasters is found in a book about DNA research by prof. Bryan Sykes: “The Seven Daughters of Eve”. Prof. Bryan Sykes organized a long lasting, world wide research on mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA, is passed by mothers to all their children, His opponent, Prof Luca Luigi Cavalli Sforza, did similar research on the Y-chromosome, that is passed from fathers to sons only.
The combined result is:
All people are descending from a single woman who lived 150,000 years ago.
All males are descending from a single male who lived 60,000 years ago.
All people are descending from one of 33 different women who lived between 15,000 and 25,000 years ago.
These 33 different women were also geographically localized.
Because each group descended from a single woman, it must have been very small groups, probably a single family or a few related families, no more than some 5 to 15 people, who happened to be at a safe place or had the wit to escape to a safe place when the disaster started. This would result in far less than one thousand survivors.
Escaping to a safe place would not be easy. The TV-images from Japanese earthquakes show how people have serious problems to stay standing and traveling to a mountain top might be impossible during a continuous earthquake.
The same applies for the survivors 60,000 and 150,000 years ago, when then there was only one survivor group.
It seems reasonable to presume that more people survived the disaster, but not the harsh years following the disaster or maybe they were killed by bad situations, like living on an island that disappeared due to rising sea level, or living in a region where a new Ice Age started, or just bad luck…
Starting from a completely different science, presuming a geological disaster, - the flood that beached Noah on the Ararat -, I had come to localize four presumed survivor groups in Europe and one in Asia. Three of those four fitted exactly with those of of prof. Sykes. The fourth fitted also, but not exactly. I presumed a survivor group on the Mont Blanc, and presumed that they would have gone south to the Mediterranean coast. Prof. Sykes did find two different groups in the Alps east of the Mont Blanc. The one in Asia is Noah and his crew, who survived on the Ararat and moved
according to the Bible later to the Euphrate-Tigris region. Very understandable, because Turkey is an earthquake region and they knew of course from before the flood that the Euphrate-Tigris region is a fertile and pleasant region.
Also the 150,000 years did ring a bell: The ice sheet on Greenland started 150,000 years ago. Then I knew that my theory was correct: periodical worldwide destructions, caused by geological events, did reduce the world wide population of humans and land animals time and again to the brink of extinction, and forced the few survivors to reinvent Stone Age.
Also, knowing now the cause, I suddenly saw the tale telling signs of it at many, many places, even in our own garden.
The last three destructions are baptized by me:
– The Yukon destruction 150,000 BD
– The European destruction 60,000 BD
– The Canadian destruction, 15,000 BD.
The last one is also known as the Flood that beached Noah on the Ararat. Those are not unique, there are some 15 to 25 similar destruction each million years and that must have been going on from the first time that Earth had a liquid or gas interior.
Have a look at
It is a very interesting talk about the ice loss on Greenland. But that is not the reason why I refer to it. At about 7.30 minutes in the talk a graph is showing from right to left the temperature- and the CO2-footprint of our civilization and several previous civilizations. The Adam-to-Noah civilization, from 60 to 15 millennia BD did obviously not develop the steam-engine and never started an industrial revolution. But the earlier civilization from 150 – 60 millennia BD and the three previous civilizations clearly did reach that stage and succeeded to switch to renewable energy. And then, obviously, also started space travel.
Recently a new hype started on Youtube. Search for “12,000 years”. It concerns partly the remains that survived the last Flood. Most of it is nonsense, but images of Gobekli Tepe are genuine and those buildings were probably erected before the flood.

2.3. Ice Ages.
A completely different view on Ice Ages and a new definition of an Ice Age is as follows.

        An Ice Age is the permafrost area of a polar region.

From 150,000 BD to 60,000 BD there was an Ice Age on Greenland and Europe.
From 60,000 BD and 15,000 BD there was an Ice Age in North America and Greenland.
Since 15,000 BD there is an Iced Age on the North Pole, the South Pole, Greenland and Siberia.
During the last North American Ice Age the North Pole was situated in Canada. This is however not the right way to express that situation. The correct way to express the situation is that Canada was situated on the North Pole. And as result of that situation Canada and part of the USA were inside the polar circle and because of that, covered with a thick layer of polar ice.
It is a well known fact that the magnetic North Pole has been wandering around on the surface of our Earth. However, again, it is not correct to speak about “Pole shifts”. The reality is that the poles did not move around. Instead it was the crust that shifted time and again. The axis of the Earth remained on its original position. Therefore the correct expression is “crust-shift”.
The world wide sea level at that time was more that on hundred meters lower than the present level. So all that “missing” sea water was stored as ice on the North American continent and Greenland. A quantity of some 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg ice, situated asymmetrically at one side of the North Pole, subjected to the centrifugal forces of the turning Earth and waiting for a bad day to start moving to the equator.
What prevented the ice from moving towards the equator was also the rotation of the Earth: the diameter of the equator is slightly larger than the distance between North and South Pole. A piece of the crust of the Earth that slides direction equator it is stretched in east-west direction, which costs some energy but not much. But if it is moving towards one of the poles, it is compressed and pushed up, folding layers and forming mountains, which requires enormous quantities of energy. That is what keeps the crust in position until the centrifugal forces become too strong or until something else initiates the crust-shift earlier.
The moment that the centrifugal forces become to strong, the destruction starts. And the destruction includes a world-wide tsunami flood of a size beyond imagination.

2.4. The flywheels and their disastrous effects.
The Earth is a very large flywheel, consisting of five parts, and its is impossible to change the position of the pole axis more than a very, very small fraction. But the crust, which has only 0.3% of the total mass of the Earth can be moved if the forces are large enough. And the weight of the 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg ice was apparently enough do the trick and to start the whole crust moving.
That happened the last time during the Canadian destruction some 15,000 BD. The American continent and Antarctica started moving a few thousands kilometers South. Siberia on the other side of the Earth moved the same distance North.
Due to the movements of the crust, all volcanoes on Earth started very strong eruptions, and at the same time there were extremely severe earthquakes all over the world, followed by years of severe
For understanding accurately what happened, one should realize that five flywheels were involved.

  • The first flywheel is the solid central core of the Earth.
  • The second flywheel is the mass between the solid core and the underside of the crust.
  • The third flywheel is the crust.
  • The fourth flywheel is the water of the oceans, seas and lakes.
  • And the fifth flywheel is the atmosphere.

It was the third flywheel, the crust, that started to move. The others remained in position. But the two outer flywheels, the water and the air, joined the party by remaining in position and thereby causing the main part of the destruction.
Once the crust was moving, its turning axis started to differ from the turning axis of the inner of the Earth.
In order to get a good understanding of the remaining of this story, please keep in mind that the crust turned some 20 to 30 degrees around an axis positioned somewhere between Honolulu and Congo. But that movement was absolutely not in a straight line. Once the crust started moving several things started happening. It started with a series of extremely strong earthquakes, because not all parts of the crust started moving at the same time, because at several places tensions had already been building up by other causes and some earthquakes were already overdue like today, the one near San Francisco. Once the crust started moving, the friction between crust and the gas below dropped out almost completely. The reason why the friction dropped out is unconsciously known to everyone: if a bolt has to be put in a narrow hole, anyone will start, automatically and without thinking, to turn that bolt. The friction force between two surfaces is a vector, equal to the friction coefficient times the force pressing the two surfaces together. Push the bolt in and the full friction force works against you. Turn the bolt and the friction force is turned aside, leaving only a fraction against you.
So, once the crust started moving its turning axis deviated from the turning axis of the rest of the Earth, then the crust became almost friction free floating like a hovercraft on the layer of gas under the crust. The next complication was Coriolis force. In order to understand it, you have to take the axis of a loose wheel of a bicycle in both hands, let the wheel turn and then turn your self slowly to left or right. You will find that the wheel has completely different plans of its own, which may hurt you and bystanders severely if you are if you are not very careful. Something similar happened with the crust of the Earth once it started moving.
Earth is turning around its axis eastward. At the North and South Pole the speed is zero. It just makes one revolution in 24 hours. At the Equator the crust moves 40,000 km to the east in 24 hours. Which means that the speed there is 1,667 km/h east.
We do not know exactly how much the American continents moved south.
Lets start with a spot on the west coast at 60 degrees north.
The speed there is 1,667 * sin(90º- 60º) = 830 km/h east.
At 15 degrees south from that spot the speed is 1,667 * sin(45º) = 1,180 km/h east.
Another 15 degrees south the speed is. 1,667 * sin(30º) = 1,450 km/h east.
That spot, originating from 60º north moved to a new position somewhere between 30º and 45º
At 45º north the spot moved 350 km/h slower to the east than the Pacific Ocean.
At 30º north the difference in speed had increased to 620 km/h.
In reality the spot moved to somewhere in between, where the difference in speed was say 500
Therefore a piece of west coast, turning east at 830 km/h, went south, to a position where the
Pacific Ocean turns east at a speed of 1330 km/h.
The result was that the Pacific Ocean did flood the Rocky Mountains. At first slowly but with a steadily increasing peed, going up to 500 km/h, going straight over mountain range and continuing to flood the land east of the Rocky Mountains.
Within less than 12 hours all traces of human existence were washed away from the surface of the whole continent and dumped into the Atlantic Ocean. At the east coast the land move at the same speed slower than the water of the Atlantic Ocean. The water in that ocean continued to move east as usual. It resulted in an extremely deep low tide at the east coast and it did last some time before the some 5,000 km wide ocean started to flow backward to fill up that low tide. And somewhere it collided with the much larger super-tsunami that had overflowed the Rocky Mountains.
One should realize that such tsunamis pick up the loose soil below. Once the lower layer of the water has picked up enough clay, loam and sand, it starts picking up loose stones. Then, when the specific weight of the mixture increases, rocks will be picked up and finally the lowest 100 meter of the flood has obtained the properties of liquid concrete, grinding anything on its path to rubble. Even a city like New York will be reduced to rubble within a few minutes. Any metal object will be reduced to rust in a few millennia. Only some underground structures will survive. But the surface of the whole continent was washed clean from all traces of human existence.
In South America, south of the Equator, the same happened in reverse direction.
Nearly every place on Earth was flooded. For instance Europe was flooded from southwest direction by the Atlantic Ocean, which caused a tsunami far more than a kilometer high, entering Europe from the southwest and streaming straight forward to the Ural Mountains. At the same time there was a similar flooding on all other continents and islands.
The people living west of the present French city Biaritz, in what is called the Basque Country, saw the Atlantic Ocean flow massively into present France. Anyone using his brains could foresee that the north coast of present Spain would be hit severely as soon as the flood, coming in from southwest would have passed Portugal and Spain. Wise people loaded everything they needed for survival on wagons, went up to the top of the mountains and a few succeeded to get there in time. And it is just there where prof Sykes found one of his clans and where I expected a survivor group.
The Basque language is an unique language that has no connection at all with any other language.
The atmosphere was the fifth flywheel, It moved similar to the oceans and the speed was superposed on the already present winds, which must have resulted in some rather severe storms with extreme wind speeds up to at least 500 km/h. Only the people who happen to be high up on mountains were not drowned by the flood. But they were subjected to the atmosphere, blowing at speeds up to 500 km/h. Mountains, that are so high that they are not submerged by the floods, are also so steep that the ongoing earthquakes were causing large quantities of stones, ice and snow to slide down along their slopes, killing everyone in their path. Only solitaire mountains, which do not block the flood but let the flood flow around it, and have also a flat top, are safe places. A perfect example is the Puy de Dôme in France.
And it must have been there that Prof. Sykes´s “Helena clan” survived.
Surviving there was not easy. The whole event lasted three weeks and during the middle week the wind was constantly strong enough to pick you up and throw you from the top into the flood around the top. That is why there were no urvivors from the Mont Blanc.
All survivors were set back to the Stone Age, in a world covered with mud, flora and fauna decimated, moved several thousands kilometers into a different climate zone, having lost everything except the clothes they were wearing and whatever they were carrying, facing years of severe cold, because the volcanoes had clouded the sky, two new polar icecaps were being formed, while at the same time the two old polar icecaps with enormous quantities of ice had been moved into moderate zones, where they absorbed all the warmth while melting, their melting water blocking any warm
gulf stream in the oceans, the four icecaps reflecting sunshine into space, and so on.
Noah was very lucky, at least he had a ship, beached far from the sea and probably wrecked, but he still had shelter in that ship, spare clothes, tools, a quantity of food and a load of domesticated animals.
During the first days there was a large quantity of dead meat, but after a few days it became inedible. No more roads, quicksand everywhere, wild streams everywhere, no bridges. How to make fire with nothing else than wet materials? What if you need a doctor? Where do you get tools? Average lifetime reduced to less than 25 years. Do you know how iron ore can be converted into iron? And if you know that, would you know how and where to find iron ore? Apparently none of the survivors was able to make iron. There would not have been a Stone Age if Noah or someone else had been able to produce iron.
A ship halfway an ocean had neither much chance to survive. Almost everywhere on the bottom of the oceans is a layer of methane-hydrate. Due to the severe earthquakes the methane will be set free. The gas rises to the surface, expanding as the pressure drops. The mixture of water and gas has a substantially lower specific weight than water. Any ship there will sink in that mixture like a brick in a few seconds. And after the gas has left the water and is mixed with air, then any flame or spark will cause a huge explosion.
Aside from those two dangers, there was a third danger. Most people presume that Noah lived somewhere around present Israel, Greece or Egypt. However, it is more likely that Noah came from South America or even East Africa or South Asia and was washed with his ship over the northwest part of present Sahara and maybe also over South America if he came originally from East Africa. Being washed over a mountain is asking for being wrecked.
The crust is turning around a different axis as oceans and seas during some 20 days and the
interaction with the seawater is very complex. Flowing at 500 km/h, the water needs only 80 hours to circle the world, and the whole event lasted over 400 hours. One or more other survivor groups may have survived the same way as Noah did, but their stories are not known to me.
Water and wind speeds of 500 km/h may seem extreme to you, but consider the following: Prof. Rob Coe and Mr Camps from Montpellier University found a movement of the magnetic North Pole of 70 degrees in North-South direction, which happened in three weeks. During that movement the maximum speeds of water and wind may have been up to 1,000 km/h.

Prof. Rob Coe is a capable man, who made several documentaries. And it shocks me that he and the other geologists never understood the implications of the fact that the crust is only 0.3% of the total mass of our Earth. They keep speaking about “pool shifts” instead of “crust shifts”. The mass of our Earth under the crust is a so much larger flywheel, that it moved only fractionally. They never understood that it was the crust that moved. Several decades ago a man, Charles Hapgood, proposed that there had been crust shifts. He was completely right and was nevertheless bullied and labeled “pseudo-scientific” because he lacked an acceptable explanation for the crust shifts. That the other geologists have no acceptable explanation for their pole-shift was apparantly unomportant.
Speaking of “pseudo-scientific”, several years ago a scientist created a computer model of the magnetic field and “proved” with that model that the magnetic field changed its position and strength, even reversed direction. And he was rewarded with a PhD.
The eleven lines above mean that none of the geologists have any idea what causes the magnetic field of our Earth. If they would know the cause of the magnetic field, then they would have known that is was only a crust-shift.
The Magnetic North Pole does not align with the turning axis of the Earth. To me that means that the magnetic field of the Earth is primarily caused by the solid central core. That means that the solid central core is turning inside the Earth at almost the same speed round a different axis. This movement almost inconceivably, but it results in a daily up and down flow in North-South direction of the gas against the solid central core. The friction between gas and core adds to the heat produced in the core.



Earth is expanding due to an unknown, but very powerful radiation from the Sun. This radiation is captured by the sold central core and converted in heat and in mass of an unknown nature, as it is solid at extremely high temperature. I presume that this unknown radiation is an electromagnetic radiation with a frequency far higher than Röntgen radiation. The mass of the solid central core is unstable and falls apart, forming normal atoms. This process, from catching radiation to producing atoms, results in an constant increase of the diameter of the Earth in the range of several centimeters per year. Which should have been noticed by NASA by now.
The heat generated by the above process is so immense that the whole interior of the Earth, from the underside of the crust to the surface of the solid central core, is ionized gas. This ionized gas lacks electrons and is therefore positively charged. The Earth turns East. A positive electrical charge moving East is equal to an electric current moving East and produces a magnetic field, which has its North pole in the direction North. That is the basic cause of the magnetic field of the Earth. The strength of that field may be increased, intensified, amplified, strengthened, or whatever word iis applicable, by the iron atoms in the gas between crust and core, and presumably also by the material in the core. But it is also possible that the core has its own independent magnetic field, because the magnetic North pole does not align with the turning axis of the Earth.
Because the diameter of the Earth increases constantly, the division of weight over the crust changes also constantly. The Earth and the crust are turning, which causes centrifugal forces on the crust, which do cause crust-shifts at irregular intervals. A crust-shift lasts some 20 days, causes a permanent Earthquake during tis time and a worldwide flood /tsunami of unimaginable size.
After each crust-shift, the few humans that have survived, have to reinvent Stone Age and rebuild a new human civilization.


To be continued with 2.5 Implications.