The Standards of a Pure and Beautiful Soul

by Xuefeng

Perhaps you have no idea what the Kingdom of Heaven is like because you have never lived there, or maybe you did live there once but you have completely forgotten the life there, after a few cycles of transmigration. This does not matter; we still have ways to peek at the things there. First of all, we must realize that it is a joyful and free place in which there are no worries about food, clothing, living, transportation, birth, death, illness, or old age, and no interpersonal arguing or fighting in which everyone gets along with each other, and no one bullies, oppresses, hurts, or bothers anyone else.

Well, that is such a beautiful place, but how can we achieve it here? By having pure and beautiful minds. When everyone’s mind is that way, the place they live in will be heaven! When we look back and think of the many people whom we have met, some of them brought us delight, joy, happiness, and freedom, which indicated that their souls were pure and fair; whereas, others brought us distress, trouble, anxiety, and pain, which meant that theirs were ugly.

The fact is as clear as a sheet of white paper: only those who have pure and beautiful minds can go to the Kingdom of Heaven, and only when we stay together with people who have pure and beautiful minds can we enjoy the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, how do we recognize whether a person’s mind is pure and beautiful? Please refer to the following standards of a pure and beautiful soul

Appreciative, praising, reverent, trustworthy, honest, kind, diligent, unsophisticated, smart and lively, clean and neat, pure, modest, open-minded, forgiving, magnanimous, selfless, positive and optimistic, passionate, humorous, gentle and amiable.

  1. Appreciation is the source of happiness, and a foundation to get along harmoniously with the Greatest Creator, nature, and each other.
  2. Praise is the symbol of a wealthy mind for a person; praising the Greatest Creator, praising nature, and praising others are the symbols of a pure and beautiful soul.
  3. Reverence means being pious and respectful; it is the symbol of being clear-minded and self- understanding.
  4. Trustworthiness is the symbol of being reliable; one who cannot be trusted is worthless.
  5. Honesty is an excellent quality which gives people a sense of dependability, stability, reliability, and comfort.
  6. Kindness is the expression of respecting life as well as a guarantee to harmonize with all life.
  7. Diligence is a virtue and is the basic guarantor of survival, as well as the means of winning respect from others.
  8. Unsophistication is the state of non-contamination, the revelation of nature, and the Buddha state.
  9. Smartness and liveliness show the vibrant life phenomena and are the oneness of nature and man, the love for nature, the love for life, and the love for existence; they are the symbols of full vitality.
  10. Cleanliness and neatness portray being civilized and well-bred.

  11. Purity reveals the state of being non hypocritical, non artificial, non superficial, truth- seeking, and straight-talking.

  12. Modesty and gentility reflect serenity, profound wisdom, grace, calmness, and generosity.

  13. Open-mindedness is the intangible state of reaching the spiritual pure land, as well as the symbol of having a bright and beautiful future.

  14. Forgivingness is the symbol of being magnanimous, calm, and mentally healthy.

  15. Magnanimity represents the quality of being frank, forthright, radiant, and elegant.

  16. Selflessness is a state which represents asking for nothing, yet having nothing but owning everything at the same time.

  17. Positivity and optimism are the most important symbols of being healthy in spirit and mind.

  18. Passion is the symbol of being full of vigor, the process of creating beauty in life, and the artistry of life.

  19. Humor and wit are the expressions of being tactful, the life portraits of being skillful, at ease, natural, unrestrained, and elegant.

  20. Gentility and amiability are the catalysts of perfect lives, the auxins of excellent quality, the yeast of subliming lives, the detergent of blundering and weariness, the nourishing womb of joy and happiness, and the midwife of a happy life.

When people have the above qualities, then they have the qualifications to proceed to the Kingdom of Heaven and their futures are bound to be in Heaven. When we are staying with such people, delight, joy, freedom, and happiness will flow continuously.

Only intelligent people know the value and significance of having the above-mentioned qualities. Foolish people will not even bother to try.