The Spiritual Big Bang

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Understanding the origin of the universe opens new paths of perception in human consciousness. Humanity has a quantum connection to God consciousness via our subconscious mind hologram as do all possible alien life forms throughout the universe. “The Spiritual Big Bang” reveals evidence of two of the most sought after universal and human mysteries - the origin of the universe and the origin of human consciousness. It unveils a highly syntactic, pragmatic paradigm, a universal, interconnecting system that places access to all pre-existing potential knowledge in the possession of humanity. These two discoveries are the Occam’s razor (Scientific principle: All things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one) of explanations of how the universe was created and the origin of human consciousness.

“The Spiritual Big Bang” connects all the dots from the origin of God’s consciousness to Its insertion within our subconscious mind hologram. The discovery of this knowledge takes the “Law of Attraction” to the highest degree, that being how the law functions on the quantum level. Physical and mental healing is achieved when this phenomenon is applied, because God’s direct frequencies interconnect with our brain frequencies via the subconscious mind hologram. This revelation allows us to now have access to all preexisting potential of knowledge and gives humanity the boost needed to surge beyond the 10-12% of brain usage at this point in our history.

This new knowledge takes humanity to its final destination. We can now tap into the universal vault of information that is coded into the universal frequencies within the fabric of the universe that have their origin in the infinite, spiritual dimension of God consciousness. With an increased appreciation for why synchronous and often repetitive circumstances, encounters, and related behaviors occur, beneficiaries are empowered to choose anew rather than continually recall and repeat undesired patterns of resistance-attraction and self-sabotage.


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Awesome! Is there an inflationary version of the Spiritual Big Bang?

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Thank you for your interest. You can obtain the full version of The Spiritual Big Bang on my website, - Bookstore tab. The full version is also available in my publication, Beyond the Law of Attraction, also on my website.

Damon Sprock

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Damon, I accept the current scientific evidence that the human brain, when properly ‘programmed’ through training and experience, can operate in today’s society using only 10% of its potential neural networks. I am acquainted with the work by some proponents of the ‘Theory of Mind’ --e.g. A. Varki & D. Brower, “Denial” 2013–and that it was a sudden advance in ToM that marked the separation of Homo sapiens from other animal life, such as elephants and dolphins, which had advanced to a simpler stage of ToM. Your use of the terms:

  1. “the origin of God’s consciousness”
  2. "God’s direct frequencies interconnect with our brain frequencies via the subconscious mind hologram"
    makes me doubt that there is an scientific basis for your proposals, but I wondered if they were related in any way with other philosophical/theological thought–most specifically, Teilhard de Chardin’s.[quote=“DamonSprock, post:1, topic:36608”]
    This new knowledge takes humanity to its final destination. We can now tap into the universal vault of information that is coded into the universal frequencies within the fabric of the universe that have their origin in the infinite, spiritual dimension of God consciousness.
    What is your opinion of Teilhard’s philosophy?
    Al Leo
    PS. Just noted that you supplied a website. It may answer my questions above.

(Damon Sprock) #5

Mr. Leo,

Thank you for your response. My claims are based on modern scientific discoveries coupled with ancient wisdom texts and my own calculations. Beyond the Law of Attraction is my latest publication, - Bookstore tab. Due to the exponential increase of information through social media, the present use of 10% will not suffice. This increase in information is already inflating consciousness by degree, greater than at anytime in history. Human brain frequency is elevating to higher harmonics provided by God’s quantum,universal, coded frequency.

(Phil) #6

This is a misconception. Most of us need all the brain we have to function properly, and some barely manage with that.

(Jay Johnson) #7

Yes, clearly we began advancing exponentially as human beings since the invention of Facebook and Twitter. We are surging into a bright future on the backs of those advances …


You don’t appear to be using quantum in the normally accepted sense of the word. Could you please define how you are using the word?

(Larry Bunce) #10

I have read that the idea that humans use at most 10% of our brain was based on experiments performed on rats circa 1900. Rats trained to run a maze could continue to run it with up to 90% of their brains removed.
The methodology seems similar to a Monty Python sketch about measuring the intelligence of penguins. They lined up the birds and gave them verbal commands, with no response. They decided that the penguins might not understand English, so they repeated the experiment with a group of people who didn’t speak English.
Conclusion: penguins are as intelligent as non-English-speaking humans.

(Matthew Pevarnik) #11

I don’t mean to burst any bubbles here, but the Big Bang Theory actually has nothing to say about the origins of the universe. It is completely independent of any questions about the specific origin or genesis of our universe and only (very accurately) describes what happened the tiniest fraction of a second after it did begin. So in reality, it is perhaps an understandable misunderstanding to believe that it has anything to do with the beginning of the universe.

Are using the term frequency to imply that it’s a real wave with real properties that actually is real and can be measured? Or is it an imaginary wave that only exists once you come to secret knowledge of the imaginary wave?

You mean the Higgs field or fields of Quantum field theory? Here’s a nice representation of a real field that is spread through the fabric of the universe that actually contains information and gives mass to other particles:

(Albert Leo) #12

The experiments I have referred to in previous posts were CT scans made in 2007 on a Frenchman had had hydrocephalus as a child. I described it in a previous publication thusly:
In 2007 a 44 yr. old Frenchman, who was diagnosed with this condition as a child, was examined by physicians for a slight weakness in his left leg. Upon taking a CT scan of his brain, they were amazed that the ventricles were so enlarged that what remained of his brain was only a thin sheet adhering to the skull. (See illustration) (5) Although his I.Q. showed some impairment, he was married, had two children and had been leading an entirely normal life. In other words, he was operating as a modern human while having far less than half of the brain capacity of one of our ancient ancestors, Lucy, the famed Australopithecus afarensis who lived 3 million years ago.

Unless this is some sort of hoax, I think it has great significance in determining how we became human through evolution.
Al Leo

(Stephen Matheson) #13

The whole “humans use 10% of their brains” trope is rightly called a myth but it’s interesting to consider how it came about.

I think the main (or only) source of this conclusion is the observation that human brains (like all mammalian brains and probably most vertebrate brains) can sustain what seem to be nearly catastrophic losses while retaining almost normal function. There are many examples but the ones I know best come from neurodegenerative diseases. In most if not all cases (but I’m thinking of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS), loss of neurons proceeds for years and results in huge reductions in cell number before clinical symptoms are recorded. In Parkinson’s, for example, it was claimed for many years that it takes the loss of up to 90% of the dopamine neurons to cause deficits in function. I suspect that this kind of claim (now known to be incorrect) helped bolster the 10% myth.

Al (@aleo) provides a single strange case study of hydrocephalus. One can find any number of scenarios, involving disease or trauma or genetics, in which some part of the brain is decimated but the person (or other animal) seems to get by just fine.

Perhaps another major motivation for embracing this myth is the fact that we humans know about other humans who can do so much more than we can, perhaps despite significant limitations, and so we conclude that our own capacity is somehow untapped.

There are at least three problems with the reasoning here. The first one is obvious: it does not follow that because an animal can function with 10% of its hardware, it is not using the other 90%. People can see with one eye, but no one claims that the rest of us are only using 50% of our eyes. The second is more technical: reports of the ability of the human brain to withstand 90% neuronal loss have been discredited. The best example is the Parkinson’s disease story: we now know that 30% loss of dopamine neurons is enough to trigger symptoms. Scientists are actively trying to understand the relationships between neuron number, synapse number, network wiring, and function. But it is clear that the 90% number, at least for PD, is way off. The third is the fact that we have watched human brains in action, and no one has seen anything resembling the 10% rule.

I do think we should all be inspired by those who overcome losses to do great things. And I like to be inspired by the fact that my brain is capable of greater things than I tend to ask of it. But the 10% myth is lame pseudoscience, and I would encourage everyone to use all 100% of their neurons to put it to rest.

(Bill Wald) #14

So far, no one understands the origin of the universe in any meaningful sense of the term, physical, psychological, spiritual . . . . Maybe the purpose of the Bible is to teach us there are things we can’t know, have no need to know, are better off not knowing but simply trusting God to do what is right for the long haul.


I think we already know a lot about the origin of the universe. We will never know everything of course, but it’s part of human nature to be curious and try to understand our world through observation and study. We ignore research at our own peril. Without the knowledge we’ve gained from research, we’d still be attributing epilepsy to demons, hurricanes to Neptune, and so on.

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